By: Christine Beury, Sr. Director, Marketing

In today’s connected, social world, it all boils down to providing relevant content. The age of standalone marketing campaigns are over.  Not only does it have to be compelling, but it needs to regular, fresh and social.

That has been the takeaway from our experiences with clients and partners this past year.  The details of the conversations may vary, but many of the discussions boil down to the need to provide consistent and compelling content. Who’s role it is to develop it?  How to best partner to create it? How to make it great? How often to provide it? What channels to use? How to optimize it for social?

All of this begs the question… How well do you really know your audience?  In order to provide relevant content, you need to understand your audience inside and out, as never before.  The use of data and analytics, in many cases in real-time, play a major role here. Building integrated marketing campaigns, tracking results and understanding attribution throughout is paramount.

Efficient Frontier and Context Optional participated in two panels at this year’s Adweek focused on content and social media:  ‘Wired Social Media Summit’ and ‘Brands as Publishers: Optimizing for Social Media’.

Here are a few video snippets from this year’s Advertising Week focused on the role of content and social media: ‘Wired Social Media Summit’ and ‘Brands as Publishers: Optimizing for Social Media’.
–          Fans: Getting to Critical Mass
–          What do you do with Fans once you have them?
–          Is the era of ‘Like’ collecting over?
–          What is the value of integrated ads and social engagement data?
–          How important are social media policies?

Kevin Barenblat – CEO, Context Optional
Justin Merickel – VP of Marketing and New Product Development, Efficient Frontier
John Yi – Strategic Program Manager, Marketing APIs, Facebook
Brooke Angles – Founder, Social Click (Formerly Social Media Strategy, Expedia)
John Abell – NY Bureau Chief,
Michael Learmonth – Digital Editor, AdAge