By: Chris­tine Beury, Sr. Direc­tor, Marketing

In today’s con­nected, social world, it all boils down to pro­vid­ing rel­e­vant con­tent. The age of stand­alone mar­ket­ing cam­paigns are over.  Not only does it have to be com­pelling, but it needs to reg­u­lar, fresh and social.

That has been the take­away from our expe­ri­ences with clients and part­ners this past year.  The details of the con­ver­sa­tions may vary, but many of the dis­cus­sions boil down to the need to pro­vide con­sis­tent and com­pelling con­tent. Who’s role it is to develop it?  How to best part­ner to cre­ate it? How to make it great? How often to pro­vide it? What chan­nels to use? How to opti­mize it for social?

All of this begs the ques­tion… How well do you really know your audi­ence?  In order to pro­vide rel­e­vant con­tent, you need to under­stand your audi­ence inside and out, as never before.  The use of data and ana­lyt­ics, in many cases in real-time, play a major role here. Build­ing inte­grated mar­ket­ing cam­paigns, track­ing results and under­stand­ing attri­bu­tion through­out is paramount.

Effi­cient Fron­tier and Con­text Optional par­tic­i­pated in two pan­els at this year’s Adweek focused on con­tent and social media:  ‘Wired Social Media Sum­mit’ and ‘Brands as Pub­lish­ers: Opti­miz­ing for Social Media’.

Here are a few video snip­pets from this year’s Adver­tis­ing Week focused on the role of con­tent and social media: ‘Wired Social Media Sum­mit’ and ‘Brands as Pub­lish­ers: Opti­miz­ing for Social Media’.
-          Fans: Get­ting to Crit­i­cal Mass
-          What do you do with Fans once you have them?
-          Is the era of ‘Like’ col­lect­ing over?
-          What is the value of inte­grated ads and social engage­ment data?
-          How impor­tant are social media policies?

Kevin Baren­blat — CEO, Con­text Optional
Justin Mer­ickel — VP of Mar­ket­ing and New Prod­uct Devel­op­ment, Effi­cient Fron­tier
John Yi — Strate­gic Pro­gram Man­ager, Mar­ket­ing APIs, Facebook
Brooke Angles — Founder, Social Click (For­merly Social Media Strat­egy, Expe­dia)
John Abell - NY Bureau Chief, Wired​.com
Michael Lear­month — Dig­i­tal Edi­tor, AdAge