Customer engagement is a lot like dating. It’s about attracting individuals and offering them the qualities and value they seek. It’s not speed dating; the goal is to build lasting trust and loyalty. In my recent blog post, “Engage Your Most Valuable Visitors: From Romance to Lasting Partnership,” I state that you can attract your ideal customer by answering the question, “What problems do they have that I can solve?”

Many people currently have a problem with customer care. In “New Kind of Customer Engagement,” Deon Scheepers writes about improving customer support by harnessing smartphone data and delivering care within the context of a responsive mobile experience. The “smart, connected interactions” he describes are exactly the kind of customer engagement I’m calling for.

Scheepers puts it perfectly when he says, “Enterprises need to look beyond traditional measures and explore how they can serve the customer on the customer’s terms.” All customer engagement—whether it’s coming from a call center, landing page, email, or registration form—should be designed with empathy. That means looking at the latest technologies through the visitor’s lens.