First, let’s be honest. Blogs are abundant. Blogs that teach me something are not though, which is why I don’t read them. At least, not often.

If you are in my base camp here, as a time-crunched head of a digital marketing or marketing support staff, I know your time is valuable. In exchange for the time you invest in reading this, I hope to reward you with useful strategies gained from my experience at Adobe.

What Matters Most

Many things come to mind as I ponder which observations will deliver the most nourishing food for thought. It is best to start from a broad perspective that offers advice particularly useful for anyone with a product or service to sell, and particularly applicable to a digital marketing focus. Here’s my “bucket list” of the top three things that I wish every organization engaged in digital marketing would embrace to deliver the best from their marketing teams:

1. Expense vs. Investment. Treating your digital marketing budget as an investment, as opposed to an expense, is not only logical but also smart. Just as a hedge fund manager regards a marketing portfolio, marketing is, or should be, perceived as a sales driver and profit enabler, not a cost center. Solid marketing teams see themselves as integral parts of an organization, responsible for delivering significant profits. Solid numbers from good analytics stand as proof. This is likely a sea change for many corporate cultures, but it’s a positive one with important results: attribution and accountability.

2. Get the King. In chess all strategies lead to one goal: Get the king. What’s your digital marketing goal? If it’s not an eagerly waiting synapse in your thought processes after that verbal cue, you’ve got work to do. Clearly defined, quantifiable goals connected to strategies and backed by analytics arm digital marketing departments with powerful tools that give credit where it is due.

3. Never Assume Anything. Things change. Sometimes quickly. If something is important enough to get your attention, it is important enough to be validated. With data. With analytics. With 3D conversations. A simple fact check or additional calculation could draw the line between abundant success and mere survival.

Why it Matters

Working with teams here on the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we view all of our marketing activities as an investment. We have developed and implemented strong digital marketing solutions using our own technology that have enabled us to see the big picture, accurately, without double counting data across all marketing channels.

The goal of all digital marketing should be to replace wishful thinking with real numbers that interpret complex sales cycles. Auditable, trackable attribution that captures the king is the key to bulletproof digital marketing strategy.