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In every type of content, distribution is key. You need to push your content through as many relevant channels as you can. With video, marketers have many options for free and paid distribution methods.

In my blog on how to leverage video content, I discuss balancing wide distribution with authentic content in video. Although it’s important to post your videos to many channels, you still need to maintain respect in the eyes of your consumers.

In an interview with pulse network concerning video, there is mention of distribution versus syndication. It’s important to syndicate video through channels that you can buy or earn, but it’s equally important to distribute video through social media, your website, and other passages that you control.

The interviewee also mentions a third method, beyond distribution and syndication: use third parties to distribute content. If you outsource video, like many companies do, encourage your creators to distribute their created content. That way, you won’t only be marketing to your current consumers, but also to a slew of new potential customers.

whiteboard videos
whiteboard videos

True piece of writing Jeff! I have read out this entire blog where you have written up some valuable speech on distributing video which is very much vital for knowing all the marketers. So I hope that this blog will create lot of value to the others. Best of luck:)