Recently a cus­tomer posted this ques­tion to the DTM team:

How do I con­fig­ure DTM so that I can split first time vis­i­tors who do not make a pur­chase into two groups (retar­get­ing lists) from two sep­a­rate retar­get­ing ven­dors? I then want to make sure if they come back to the site again (visit 2+) they only keep get­ting tagged with the orig­i­nal tag. I’m try­ing to avoid dou­ble view they attri­bu­tion credit given for the same order to two sep­a­rate ven­dors who are on a rev­enue share model.”

So essen­tially the ques­tion is about tak­ing a pool of cus­tomers who are mak­ing their ini­tial visit to the site. Upon entry we need to do a 50/50 split of the traf­fic and assign them to either Group A or Group B. The vis­i­tors in that group will be tagged with the ven­dors retar­get­ing tag assigned to that group Ven­dor A or Ven­dor B. Now on the next and sub­se­quent vis­its that the users come back to site how can we ensure that the mem­ber of a spe­cific group con­tinue to get served the same ven­dor tag for each visit.


The solu­tion for this is fairly straight­for­ward within DTM.

Step 1: Cre­ate a Data Ele­ment to han­dle the seg­ment­ing of the users into their grouping.


Set the per­sis­tence of the Data Ele­ment to “Vis­i­tor”. Select “Cus­tom Script” from the Type sec­tion and then select the “Open Edi­tor” but­ton. When the edi­tor win­dows opens type in the code that is listed in the image below.


Save the code and save the Data Element.

Step 2: Cre­ate two page load rules. One for each group­ing as shown below.


In the con­di­tion sec­tion, you will select Data Ele­ment from the cri­te­ria and then select the Data Ele­ment from the list that you just cre­ated in Step 1. In the value field, enter in the name of the first grouping.

Next, in the JavaScript/Third Party Tag Sec­tion, select the “Add New Script” but­ton and paste in the code from the ven­dor that applies to the group­ing entered into the cri­te­ria sec­tion. Save the code, and then save the rule. Repeat this step for the sec­ond grouping.

Once you have tested these rules and pub­lished the code you are finished.

For addi­tional resources on some of the top­ics used for this use case, please refer to this list:

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