Recently a customer posted this question to the DTM team:

“How do I configure DTM so that I can split first time visitors who do not make a purchase into two groups (retargeting lists) from two separate retargeting vendors? I then want to make sure if they come back to the site again (visit 2+) they only keep getting tagged with the original tag. I’m trying to avoid double view they attribution credit given for the same order to two separate vendors who are on a revenue share model.”

So essentially the question is about taking a pool of customers who are making their initial visit to the site. Upon entry we need to do a 50/50 split of the traffic and assign them to either Group A or Group B. The visitors in that group will be tagged with the vendors retargeting tag assigned to that group Vendor A or Vendor B. Now on the next and subsequent visits that the users come back to site how can we ensure that the member of a specific group continue to get served the same vendor tag for each visit.


The solution for this is fairly straightforward within DTM.

Step 1: Create a Data Element to handle the segmenting of the users into their grouping.


Set the persistence of the Data Element to “Visitor”. Select “Custom Script” from the Type section and then select the “Open Editor” button. When the editor windows opens type in the code that is listed in the image below.


Save the code and save the Data Element.

Step 2: Create two page load rules. One for each grouping as shown below.


In the condition section, you will select Data Element from the criteria and then select the Data Element from the list that you just created in Step 1. In the value field, enter in the name of the first grouping.

Next, in the JavaScript/Third Party Tag Section, select the “Add New Script” button and paste in the code from the vendor that applies to the grouping entered into the criteria section. Save the code, and then save the rule. Repeat this step for the second grouping.

Once you have tested these rules and published the code you are finished.

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