I recently had the oppor­tu­nity to chat with Sara Ezrin, senior strat­egy con­sul­tant at Exper­ian Chee­tah­Mail. Exper­ian Chee­tah­Mail pro­vides email mar­ket­ing and cus­tomer intel­li­gence tech­nolo­gies for enter­prise clients. As Omni­ture has part­nered with Chee­tah­Mail, I wanted to find out what inte­gra­tion means for online retail­ers try­ing to keep their email mar­ket­ing cut­ting edge.

  • Why is inte­gra­tion so impor­tant for online retail­ers today?

Com­pa­nies are work­ing with fewer resources and are look­ing to reach higher goals. This, com­bined with the fast pace of the Inter­net, makes data inte­gra­tion across chan­nels essen­tial for mar­keters to make fast and smart deci­sions. Online data in par­tic­u­lar is rich and rel­e­vant to cus­tomers but it doesn’t wait for us as mar­keters. If you can­not use that data quickly you may lose the oppor­tu­nity to cap­i­tal­ize on it within mar­ket­ing campaigns.

  • What would you rec­om­mend to a VP of com­merce at a lead­ing Inter­net retailer using both Chee­tah­Mail and Omni­ture? What would be your top pri­or­i­ties with respect to the joint solution?

The eas­i­est first step is to inte­grate Omni­ture tags into your email cam­paigns so that Site­Cat­a­lyst can report on click through activ­ity to cal­cu­late the rev­enue lost from email sub­scribers that are click­ing through but aban­don­ing the site or their shop­ping cart. The Omni­ture Gen­e­sis pro­gram offers robust report­ing through the inte­gra­tion of Exper­ian Chee­tah­Mail data with the online activ­ity post click through. Gen­e­sis also offers inte­gra­tion of shop­ping cart aban­don­ment data with Exper­ian CheetahMail’s trig­ger mes­sag­ing and dynamic con­tent fea­tures. The auto­mated CheetahMail-Omniture inte­gra­tion increases clients’ abil­ity to con­tact highly engaged cus­tomers with rel­e­vant com­mu­ni­ca­tion at the appro­pri­ate time in their life­cy­cle with their brands.

  • How have some of your more inno­v­a­tive cus­tomers been using Chee­tah­Mail and Omni­ture to drive increases in mar­ket­ing performance?

By work­ing with Chee­tah­Mail and Omni­ture mar­keters have access to pow­er­ful data that they can use to inform all of their email mes­sag­ing, site opti­miza­tion and cus­tomer seg­men­ta­tion. The inte­grated report­ing has helped clients see when there is sig­nif­i­cant drop off after the ini­tial click through and used land­ing page test­ing or page opti­miza­tion to improve results. I’ve already men­tioned that Web data is very pow­er­ful. Clients that lever­age browse data to inform their email con­tent and cus­tomer seg­men­ta­tion see improved results in click throughs and rev­enue. One exam­ple of this is US Auto Parts Net­work, which inte­grated Omni­ture Site­Cat­a­lyst with Exper­ian Chee­tah­Mail through Gen­e­sis. US Auto Parts mea­sured post-email click behav­ior to learn about pur­chas­ing habits of cus­tomers. The com­pany also uti­lized auto­mat­i­cally trig­gered remar­ket­ing mes­sages to cart aban­don­ers that reminded them about prod­ucts still in their shop­ping cart and offered a dis­count to com­plete the pur­chase. The inte­gra­tion resulted in a 50x increase in rev­enue per email and trans­ac­tion rates

  • What aren’t dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­als think­ing about today that they should be?

Inte­gra­tions have taught us that dig­i­tal data offers insight into the behav­ior of our cus­tomers which leads to lift in con­ver­sion more than most data assets. Mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­als should be reeval­u­at­ing their cus­tomer seg­men­ta­tion schemas as well as their online and offline cam­paigns to find the oppor­tu­ni­ties to lever­age the behav­ioral data avail­able through dig­i­tal chan­nels. Offline cam­paigns are much more costly than online cam­paigns; the mod­els and cus­tomer seg­men­ta­tion are out­dated in today’s dig­i­tal envi­ron­ment. For exam­ple, mar­keters are not adding into their cus­tomer seg­men­ta­tion mod­els the value of the pro­mot­ers (refer­rers) and ambas­sadors (review­ers) on their file. RFM mod­els still reign. Dig­i­tal data offers us the abil­ity to see what cus­tomers are actu­ally inter­ested in at this moment and how they inter­act with us on many lev­els. Mar­keters need to focus on putting resources behind dig­i­tal data from their Web site and email mar­ket­ing — as well as reviews, rec­om­mended items, search terms and more — across chan­nels to enhance cus­tomer seg­men­ta­tion and to inform the con­tent used in mar­ket­ing campaigns.

  • What cool enhance­ments might we expect to see from Chee­tah­Mail in the upcom­ing quarters?

It is a long list! We will be launch­ing some really excit­ing appli­ca­tion enhance­ments cov­er­ing top­ics such as com­pet­i­tive data inte­gra­tion to more robust social net­work­ing fea­tures. We have strength­ened our part­ner pro­gram to offer our clients fast and easy ways to use dig­i­tal and social data in their email pro­grams to real­ize the goals we’ve been dis­cussing. We are also pilot­ing dif­fer­ent ini­tia­tives that inte­grate our Exper­ian data assets and tools to increase con­ver­sion both online and offline.


My company can definately benefit from these services. I am going to look into them.

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email marketing

The questions asked really brought out a lot of great answers by Sara. The use of digital data via email is a vital part in learning about what a consumer wants to buy or would consider buying. The comprehensive approach Sara describes is worth reflecting on. As we move into the future, are companies targeting customer segmentation with a full accompaniment of tools at their disposal? Or are they simply behind the curve in an ever changing marketing environment?