For high-tech companies, outstanding customer support is a requirement for success in an increasingly crowded, competitive market. However, delivering superb online support has become much more complicated today.

One of the key contributors to that complexity is the abundance of communication channels in which customers can engage with a company. Call centers, online chat, email, text messages, social networks, on-demand video, and other touch points all shape support conversations. New types of digital interactions, such as click-to-call, virtual agents, and screen sharing are also gaining ground.

In looking for ways to develop experiences that differentiate their brands and deliver value to customers, high-technology companies are turning to eSupport, a customer service approach that is typically Web-driven and enables customer self service. Success here delivers on several key objectives:

  • Improving customer satisfaction. Customer surveys indicate that the majority of consumers seeking support prefer to self service and want a choice of how to engage with support. Customer satisfaction rates are consistently higher, by as much as 20 percent, for online channels as compared with telephone interactions and support delivered via other offline channels. (Forrester, “Call Center Experiences Leave Consumers On Hold For Something Better,” April 11, 2011, Updated: April 21, 2011)
  • Driving down cost to serve. eSupport interactions are significantly less expensive than call center interactions and can reduce costs per incident by as much as 93 percent. (CRM Magazine, August 2011)
  • Reduction of call volumes. eSupport can eliminate daily support calls that can cost as much as $60 per call. (Aberdeen Group, “Multi-Channel Service Delivery–Getting Customers the Service they want, Where and when they want it,” June 2010)

Digital marketing solutions, such as those available within Adobe Marketing Cloud, offer rich insights into customer eSupport needs, which enable the strengthening of customer profiles with rich and predictive attributes. Collecting customer behavioral data provides companies insights across channels, including customers’ preferences for engagement.

This information can then be used to orchestrate cross-channel interactions through intuitive online experiences. In the event that the customer does connect with the call center, these customer insights can also provide additional information for company representatives. As a result, service representatives are more informed of customer issues and the history behind them, which enables the representative to be more responsive to customer needs and anticipate future needs. This exchange also offers an opportunity for the representative to offer additional products or services that boost the company’s revenues.

The eSupport service model provides many benefits. Positive customer experiences, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and reduced demands on call centers and lower cost to serve are just a few of them. eSupport also provides companies with more opportunities to connect with customers and promote complementary products and services, thereby adding value to the relationship for both customers and companies.

Providing superb eSupport requires digital analytics and optimization solutions that help ensure information and processes across every channel are contextual and relevant. As industry leaders are discovering, the same optimization solutions used to improve digital marketing strategies can be applied to enhance eSupport initiatives.

Integral to success in eSupport is an end-to-end, integrated approach for relating interactions and data to outcomes. Also key is the ability to understand customers’ interests and preferences to empower support teams with the right tools to test and optimize experiences and deliver better service. Leveraging the right solutions, exceptional eSupport can become a vital cornerstone of a company’s brand—one well worth achieving.

To learn more about how high-tech companies are using eSupport to their advantage, download our whitepaper.

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bli medlem i facket

Asking questions are actually nice thing if you are not understanding anything fully, but this piece of writing gives good understanding yet. Great post :)  fackförbund


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Asking questions are actually nice thing if you are not understanding anything fully, but this piece of writing gives good understanding yet. Great post :) husbesiktning