Exclusivity is one thing, being excluded is another (especially when you don’t know it’s happening to you!)

With their recent Page changes, Facebook now lets users and Brands know that, by default, the News Feed will only show end users’ status updates from friends and posts from Pages with which they’ve recently interacted.  This means your brand may be invisible to your community of Likes.

The News Feed is the primary point of interaction for Facebook users, and Facebook does a great job guarding the end user experience.  We also put the Facebook end user first; it’s actually part of our mission: “to help brands succeed in social by keeping the user at the heart of the relationship”—we give brand marketers the tools to optimize engagement to give brand enthusiasts what they want.

It has always been relatively easy for Facebook users to hide a brand’s status updates from the News Feed or unlike a brand, and Facebook, for awhile now, has optimized the News Feed with Top News, to ensure users are seeing the most relevant info in their Feeds.   Now, just because a user Likes your Brand Page, doesn’t guarantee your brand real estate in their News Feed—if they haven’t interacted with your Page in a while, they most likely won’t see any of your updates.  Your brand status updates may be excluded from your brand enthusiasts’ News Feeds, and you will not know it.  The answer: create interaction.

What’s an interaction?

  • Engagement with a promotion or application (e.g. Contests, Giveaways, Sweepstakes, Charitable Giving etc.)
  • Engagement with a Stream App (e.g. poll, catalog, coupon, video) in the News Feed
  • A Like, share, comment or click-through on a Status Update you’ve made
  • A Post on your Wall

In order to avoid disappearing from your fans’ News Feeds, it is more important than ever to keep your fans engaging with your Brand Page through promotions, applications and compelling content that gets them interacting and sharing with their friends.

Finally, how do you know you’re succeeding?  In our Social Marketing Suite, you can easily measure fan engagement, active fans and interactions by post so you can optimize engagement strategies yourself.