Exclu­siv­ity is one thing, being excluded is another (espe­cially when you don’t know it’s hap­pen­ing to you!)

With their recent Page changes, Face­book now lets users and Brands know that, by default, the News Feed will only show end users’ sta­tus updates from friends and posts from Pages with which they’ve recently inter­acted.  This means your brand may be invis­i­ble to your com­mu­nity of Likes.

The News Feed is the pri­mary point of inter­ac­tion for Face­book users, and Face­book does a great job guard­ing the end user expe­ri­ence.  We also put the Face­book end user first; it’s actu­ally part of our mis­sion: “to help brands suc­ceed in social by keep­ing the user at the heart of the relationship”—we give brand mar­keters the tools to opti­mize engage­ment to give brand enthu­si­asts what they want.

It has always been rel­a­tively easy for Face­book users to hide a brand’s sta­tus updates from the News Feed or unlike a brand, and Face­book, for awhile now, has opti­mized the News Feed with Top News, to ensure users are see­ing the most rel­e­vant info in their Feeds.   Now, just because a user Likes your Brand Page, doesn’t guar­an­tee your brand real estate in their News Feed—if they haven’t inter­acted with your Page in a while, they most likely won’t see any of your updates.  Your brand sta­tus updates may be excluded from your brand enthu­si­asts’ News Feeds, and you will not know it.  The answer: cre­ate interaction.

What’s an interaction?

  • Engage­ment with a pro­mo­tion or appli­ca­tion (e.g. Con­tests, Give­aways, Sweep­stakes, Char­i­ta­ble Giv­ing etc.)
  • Engage­ment with a Stream App (e.g. poll, cat­a­log, coupon, video) in the News Feed
  • A Like, share, com­ment or click-through on a Sta­tus Update you’ve made
  • A Post on your Wall

In order to avoid dis­ap­pear­ing from your fans’ News Feeds, it is more impor­tant than ever to keep your fans engag­ing with your Brand Page through pro­mo­tions, appli­ca­tions and com­pelling con­tent that gets them inter­act­ing and shar­ing with their friends.

Finally, how do you know you’re suc­ceed­ing?  In our Social Mar­ket­ing Suite, you can eas­ily mea­sure fan engage­ment, active fans and inter­ac­tions by post so you can opti­mize engage­ment strate­gies your­self.