Facebook recently released a number of updates to Brand Pages.  Facebook’s aim for the new features are to help you, as brand marketers, to better manage communications, provide more opportunities for your brand to express itself, and increase engagement between you and your community.  Here are a few important facts and features for you to keep in mind as you adjust to your new look. (If you’re currently licensing our Social Marketing Suite, don’t worry, we’re doing the heavy lifting for you).

1.)   Upgrade Roll-out Strategy
All admins currently have the option to update to the new Pages layout, but Facebook will automatically begin transitioning all Pages on March 10th. It’s likely you have a number of admins managing your Page, so it’s important you outline a strategy to ensure a smooth transition. Once you make the switch, you cannot go back, so make sure your admins understand what the new features entail.

2.)   Email Notifications
You will receive email notifications by default whenever someone engages on your Page. This can get a little overwhelming, so if you decide to disable this feature, follow these simple steps:

Go to the Brand Page you are admin of and click “Edit Page.” Within the “Your Settings” tab, click “View all email settings for your Pages.” Here, you can control which Pages you receive email notifications for.

3.)   Auto-Response & Email Notifications
By responding to the email notifications (via email), your response will automatically post to the Wall. This is a very convenient, one-stop-shop feature to actively manage your community, but keep in mind that any “auto-response” email settings will trigger a direct post as well. So, before you set your “out of the office” reply, be sure to disable the email notifications in order to avoid an irrelevant and awkward post.

4.)   Randomized Thumbnail Images
Thumbnail images will be featured at the top of your Page (much like personal Pages), this gives brands a great opportunity to showcase faces of the brand, new products, events, etc.  However, unlike personal Pages, in order to avoid branded banners and advertising, Facebook will randomize those tagged images—so don’t spend time creating a clever sequence of images, it won’t turn out as planned.

5.)   iFrames
iFrames are taking the place of FBML, allowing enhanced functional opportunities for applications. You now have the functionality of a full-featured application experience that was previously only available in a canvas application. iFrames offer seamless experiences between on-Facebook and off-Facebook, allowing the same application to be published on Facebook and a brand site (check out our Open Apps).  Existing FBML applications will be grandfathered and supported by Facebook.

6.)   Featured Tabs
Tabs are moving to the left column, so any former Tab Apps will now be featured below your picture. This is also the result of new profile photo size restrictions—the maximum profile photo size is changing from 200×400 to 180×540, this ensures Tab content will remain prominently displayed, not get pushed down.

7.)   News Feed Exclusivity

The new default setting for the News Feed is limiting content to whom you’ve most recently interacted with.  This means, in order to avoid disappearing from your fans’ News Feeds, it is extremely important to keep your fans engaging with your Page, whether it be via apps, status updates, offers, etc.

As with all new product releases, upgrades and enhancements, there are bound to be a few bugs and kinks so remember to be patient.  If you are a Social Marketing Suite subscriber, check out our full summary of new features.

We want your feedback!  What do you think about the new layout?

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AA03 Ironhide

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