Inside Facebook recently wrote about the new Top Posts filter that now appears on many Brand Pages on Facebook. Theyexpect it to be a a significant shift in control for Page Admins as it will surface the most engaging user-contributed Wall posts regardless of the content.

This filter would function much like the News Feed’s default Top News filter — the posts with the most likes and comments would become more prominent, thus making it virtually impossible for Page Admins to control which posts are viewed  by the community. This allows a Page’s own community to influence what content they want to see first. It may sound like a positive feature at first, after all, brands want their fans to have a voice in the community. However, this filter could bring to the forefront a significant amount of off-topic, offensive or unfavorable content.

The Top Posts filter presents Brand Pages with a unique opportunity to perfect their community management and editorial calendars. Community managers work very closely with brands in developing their tone, voice and overall communication strategy to garner as much engagement per post as possible (to keep each each status update in the Top News filter, and build the community).

The Top Posts filter provides community managers and Page Admins the opportunity to listen and fine-tune their communication strategy to give the community what they want. This filter actually gives the Page Admins more insight into the communities they’re engaging with.

As Inside Facebook states, “The Top Posts filter could also improve the loyalty of users who share high-quality content to Page walls.” This can, also, give the Page Admins insight into their loyal fans and reward them appropriately, while gaining the appreciation and recognition from other fans in the process.

I view the new Top Posts filter as an opportunity for Page Admins and community managers alike to gain knowledge about the communities, and step up to what really matters to consumers.