A first impression is a lasting one. On Facebook the landing page represents your brand’s first impression for new visitors. It is an introduction to your personality, an invitation into your world, and an opportunity to begin a relationship with existing and potential consumers. Creating an effective landing page can set your brand up for success on Facebook by establishing the tone for your page and ongoing interaction with fans. As you develop your strategy, consider the following best practices to ensure that your first impression is the right impression:

Define Your Goals to Drive the Desired Outcome

It’s likely that you’ll only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a new visitor; therefore, it’s critical to clearly define your goals and determine the core function of the landing page. Consider both your general goals for Facebook as well as any current marketing initiatives. For example, if you’re running a campaign to drive traffic to your page, capturing new Likes will be an important determinate of the efficacy of your campaign. Potential goals for the landing page may include:

  • Capturing Likes by providing an enticing incentive, such as exclusive content, special offers, or a deeper connection to the brand.
  • Introducing the Brand by communicating information about the advantages of your product as well as your Facebook community.
  • Engaging Visitors with lightweight applications relevant to the brand and consumers, such as polls, quizzes, or contests.
  • Promoting Advocacy through engagement experiences; brand advocacy is distributed across Facebook in the form of Likes, comments, and shares.

Provide Value

Regardless of your goals for the landing page, users demand ongoing reasons to engage long-term with your brand. Make offerings clear and set expectations upfront as to what advantages fans will enjoy as part of your Facebook community. Will you provide Facebook-only offers? Exclusive content? Access to contests, sweepstakes, and relevant prizes? As your first impression, this is an opportunity to put your best face forward and demonstrate why your brand is a superior resource and community for customers.


Integrate Your Presence

Social success does not depend on a single presence alone, but rather brand cohesion across multiple pages and platforms. As a representation of your company, brand, or a specific product, the Facebook landing page is an opportune channel to drive Likes to your other branded pages, encourage users to explore and Like your products, and increase click-throughs to your website. For example, Hyatt’s master brand page enables in-line Liking of Hyatt’s arsenal of brands, thereby increasing fan-count across branded pages, fostering brand discovery, and cultivating loyalty among Hyatt customers.

The most important aspect of the landing page is clear communication with consumers about the actions you want them to take (Like, comment, vote, etc.) and the benefits offered by your brand. Make it simple, make it fun. And your first impression may just turn into a lasting relationship.