As Face­book rolls out the new Face­book Pages, my imme­di­ate reac­tion is: How does this affect Com­mu­nity Engage­ment? Will this affect the types of posts we should be pub­lish­ing? How will this change the con­tent? How will we enhance engage­ment through this new method of sto­ry­telling? While it may take a lit­tle time to digest, here are my ini­tial thoughts:
  • Time­line is like a scrap­book — it gives brands an oppor­tu­nity to tell more engag­ing sto­ries on Face­book than they can now. Fans can go back in time and see the whole pic­ture, not just the post in front of them. The fur­ther back in Time­line you go, the more Face­book will com­press the infor­ma­tion so that you’re only see­ing the most inter­est­ing parts of your his­tory. You can cus­tomize this by click­ing on a star next to a sta­tus, say, or enlarg­ing a picture.
  • Brands are in more con­trol of their con­tent. They can go back and choose the posts that stay on the page. They can revise the story they’re telling, from begin­ning to end.
  • The abil­ity for Fans to go back and read a whole pic­ture, we have to be more engag­ing. I think posts will receive more impres­sions as users explore the pages.
  • Reach and oppor­tu­nity for engage­ment is grow­ing. “We’ll see the chasm grown between the highly engag­ing and less engag­ing brands”
  • Less shout­ing and more engag­ing. How do we best con­nect with our cus­tomers? No talk­ing AT fans, talk­ing WITH them. We can tell our story, and our fans can tell their lit­tle sto­ries on top of ours.
  • Have to de-silo — we’re talk­ing about a whole story here, not one cam­paign, not one ini­tia­tive, every­thing has to feed into the larger pic­ture of what this brand rep­re­sents. Take a holis­tic approach.
  • The abil­ity to mes­sage fans directly from the brand will help dra­mat­i­cally with cus­tomer ser­vice issues and tak­ing cer­tain con­ver­sa­tions “offline”
  • Pin­ning and High­light­ing posts will allow brands to con­trol the con­tent users see when they first arrive to the page. In my opin­ion, this is bet­ter than default land­ing tabs.

I’m super excited about these changes and the oppor­tu­ni­ties it presents for brands. With these changes, there’s a huge need to pro­vide stim­u­lat­ing, engag­ing con­tent — that’s the fun stuff!