As Facebook rolls out the new Facebook Pages, my immediate reaction is: How does this affect Community Engagement? Will this affect the types of posts we should be publishing? How will this change the content? How will we enhance engagement through this new method of storytelling? While it may take a little time to digest, here are my initial thoughts:
  • Timeline is like a scrapbook — it gives brands an opportunity to tell more engaging stories on Facebook than they can now. Fans can go back in time and see the whole picture, not just the post in front of them. The further back in Timeline you go, the more Facebook will compress the information so that you’re only seeing the most interesting parts of your history. You can customize this by clicking on a star next to a status, say, or enlarging a picture.
  • Brands are in more control of their content. They can go back and choose the posts that stay on the page. They can revise the story they’re telling, from beginning to end.
  • The ability for Fans to go back and read a whole picture, we have to be more engaging. I think posts will receive more impressions as users explore the pages.
  • Reach and opportunity for engagement is growing. “We’ll see the chasm grown between the highly engaging and less engaging brands”
  • Less shouting and more engaging. How do we best connect with our customers? No talking AT fans, talking WITH them. We can tell our story, and our fans can tell their little stories on top of ours.
  • Have to de-silo — we’re talking about a whole story here, not one campaign, not one initiative, everything has to feed into the larger picture of what this brand represents. Take a holistic approach.
  • The ability to message fans directly from the brand will help dramatically with customer service issues and taking certain conversations “offline”
  • Pinning and Highlighting posts will allow brands to control the content users see when they first arrive to the page. In my opinion, this is better than default landing tabs.

I’m super excited about these changes and the opportunities it presents for brands. With these changes, there’s a huge need to provide stimulating, engaging content — that’s the fun stuff!