We’ve just returned from a trip to Moscow to visit our Russian partner, iConText, and wanted to share some exciting developments for Efficient Frontier in the Russian market.  IConText (icontext.ru) have been an exclusive partner of Efficient Frontier since earlier this year and the growth we’ve seen so far has been fantastic. 

We had the opportunity to present at an iConText event on Friday talking about the success of our partnership so far covering both Search and Facebook.  Of particular interest was the work we are doing integrating Yandex campaigns into our platform.  Yandex is by far the most popular search engine in Russia controlling an estimated 65% of the search market leaving Google a distant second.  Our platform has been integrated with Yandex for some time and we’re now working on launching our portfolio bid optimisation to the Yandex marketplace to help advertisers get more returns for their campaigns.

Clients such as Dostavka, Wikimart and Biglion all spoke about the increased performance they have experienced since migrating to the Efficient Frontier platform.  Biglion, one of the largest daily deals sites in Russia, referred an increase in subscriptions of more than 50% and Dostavka, a large e-commerce site, described how EF optimisation has increased orders by over 100%!

In addition to search there was a lot of interest in our Facebook platform.  The Social Networking scene in Russia is dominated by local player Vkontakte leaving Facebook with just 4.5 million users.   However the limited reach has done nothing to stop advertisers wanting to launch advertising campaigns on the network.  We expect access to our Facebook platform to accelerate the efforts of Russian advertisers who are starting to ramp up their social marketing. 

Russia now has the second highest number of internet users in Europe and that number is growing at over 40% year on year.  With the Russian online advertising market set to grow at well over 30% next year to over $1 Billion, 2012 promises to be a very exciting year for both iConText and Efficient Frontier.

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Phil Dance – Director, International Partner Development