So you registered for Adobe Summit—awesome! We’re excited to have you. You might be thinking, “Now what?” Many folks have asked how they should be measuring if their Summit experience is a success or not. This is a great question and one that every attendee should be considering. Just like any business initiative, Adobe Summit should be measured and analyzed to determine its value to the attendee. In order to help get the creative juices flowing and to prepare you for what is usually a fast paced event, I am listing the tips I used as a client to ensure that my Adobe Summits were successful.

  • Choose breakout sessions wisely! Breakout sessions offer a great way for attendees to hear, learn and incorporate the ideas and practices of industry leaders. These sessions are designed deliberately to provide actionable practices that can be implemented immediately in your organization. Make sure that you are attending the sessions that align the most to your organizations goals and challenges then focus on taking down notes that will allow you to apply your learning when you get back to work on Monday.
  • Schedule time to spend “hanging out” in the Business Optimization Zone (BOZ). This is where Adobe Consultants are hanging out and you can pick their brains till the cows come home. The BOZ offers an area to swap ideas, have ad hoc discussions and schedule meetings with your account representatives and consultants. Plan on spending time here and don’t be shy about walking up to someone from Adobe and asking any question you want. If they can’t answer it, they know who can and will help you connect.
  • Eat with strangers. One of my favorite things about Summit is eating with people I have never met. It’s a unique opportunity to blend industry practitioners from all areas of the globe. You will be surprised how often you find similarities in your challenges and opportunities as digital marketers, and will be able to both share and receive unique perspectives on overcoming them.
  • Go to the entertainment events and leave your inhibitions in your hotel room. Get on stage and belt out your favorite song for karaoke we won’t laugh…. to much. Digitally spray paint the walls during the concert with your own unique twist. Drive racecars and do the climbing course. (Seriously, these are the kinds of thing that happen at these events.) Get outside of your comfort zone and try something new. It never hurts to try new things and who knows, you could impress your coworkers by showing them a side of you they have not seen.
  • GO SKIING! I am a converted skiing fanatic. I grew up as far removed from skiing as possible and after my first time, I was hooked. It’s fun, the mountains are beautiful and it’s a great networking day. Not only is skiing great, but sitting on the side of a mountain and taking a deep breath after a thought provoking week is exhilarating. Enjoy the majesty of Utah and have some fun. Go skiing you will not regret it.

These are just a few ideas that will help you organize your trip and maximize the value. Adobe Summit is a fantastic event and has something for everyone. Make sure to meet new people and seek out the folks you want to meet. Stay around after breakouts and talk to the speakers. If you leverage these ideas, you are sure to have a challenging and exciting Adobe Summit.


See you there!