So you reg­is­tered for Adobe Summit—awesome! We’re excited to have you. You might be think­ing, “Now what?” Many folks have asked how they should be mea­sur­ing if their Sum­mit expe­ri­ence is a suc­cess or not. This is a great ques­tion and one that every attendee should be con­sid­er­ing. Just like any busi­ness ini­tia­tive, Adobe Sum­mit should be mea­sured and ana­lyzed to deter­mine its value to the attendee. In order to help get the cre­ative juices flow­ing and to pre­pare you for what is usu­ally a fast paced event, I am list­ing the tips I used as a client to ensure that my Adobe Sum­mits were successful.

  • Choose break­out ses­sions wisely! Break­out ses­sions offer a great way for atten­dees to hear, learn and incor­po­rate the ideas and prac­tices of indus­try lead­ers. These ses­sions are designed delib­er­ately to pro­vide action­able prac­tices that can be imple­mented imme­di­ately in your orga­ni­za­tion. Make sure that you are attend­ing the ses­sions that align the most to your orga­ni­za­tions goals and chal­lenges then focus on tak­ing down notes that will allow you to apply your learn­ing when you get back to work on Monday.
  • Sched­ule time to spend “hang­ing out” in the Busi­ness Opti­miza­tion Zone (BOZ). This is where Adobe Con­sul­tants are hang­ing out and you can pick their brains till the cows come home. The BOZ offers an area to swap ideas, have ad hoc dis­cus­sions and sched­ule meet­ings with your account rep­re­sen­ta­tives and con­sul­tants. Plan on spend­ing time here and don’t be shy about walk­ing up to some­one from Adobe and ask­ing any ques­tion you want. If they can’t answer it, they know who can and will help you connect.
  • Eat with strangers. One of my favorite things about Sum­mit is eat­ing with peo­ple I have never met. It’s a unique oppor­tu­nity to blend indus­try prac­ti­tion­ers from all areas of the globe. You will be sur­prised how often you find sim­i­lar­i­ties in your chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties as dig­i­tal mar­keters, and will be able to both share and receive unique per­spec­tives on over­com­ing them.
  • Go to the enter­tain­ment events and leave your inhi­bi­tions in your hotel room. Get on stage and belt out your favorite song for karaoke we won’t laugh.… to much. Dig­i­tally spray paint the walls dur­ing the con­cert with your own unique twist. Drive race­cars and do the climb­ing course. (Seri­ously, these are the kinds of thing that hap­pen at these events.) Get out­side of your com­fort zone and try some­thing new. It never hurts to try new things and who knows, you could impress your cowork­ers by show­ing them a side of you they have not seen.
  • GO SKIING! I am a con­verted ski­ing fanatic. I grew up as far removed from ski­ing as pos­si­ble and after my first time, I was hooked. It’s fun, the moun­tains are beau­ti­ful and it’s a great net­work­ing day. Not only is ski­ing great, but sit­ting on the side of a moun­tain and tak­ing a deep breath after a thought pro­vok­ing week is exhil­a­rat­ing. Enjoy the majesty of Utah and have some fun. Go ski­ing you will not regret it.

These are just a few ideas that will help you orga­nize your trip and max­i­mize the value. Adobe Sum­mit is a fan­tas­tic event and has some­thing for every­one. Make sure to meet new peo­ple and seek out the folks you want to meet. Stay around after break­outs and talk to the speak­ers. If you lever­age these ideas, you are sure to have a chal­leng­ing and excit­ing Adobe Summit.


See you there!