We’re pleased to welcome another leading brand into the Omniture Technology family. Hawaiian Airlines is working with the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture, to collect real-time analytics data on its website and email marketing channel, and to test and optimize online content for specific visitor segments. Customers have an increasing number of options to book travel and travel experiences these days so it’s important to offer a differentiated and more valuable experience online in order to remain competitive. Hawaiian Airlines is focused on making the travel purchasing experience much more relevant and engaging for its online customers.

Donna Mun, senior manager of promotions for Hawaiian Airlines, says that real-time analytical insight is critical for providing the company with a holistic view of revenue across its website and email marketing campaigns. This helps Mun and her team better understand how changes to online content and offers may affect online bookings and other key business objectives, right away. As a result, the team can create increasingly relevant experiences for visitors the next time they return, while continuously optimizing online content for the best possible outcome.

In addition, Adobe gives Hawaiian Airlines the ability to not only measure online revenue related to flight bookings, but now it can also track revenue related to online purchases of airline miles as well as ancillary purchases such as lei greetings, hotel packages and car rentals and revenue generated from marketing emails. This can help Hawaiian Airlines easily re-market and re-engage with customers through emails, driving them back to www.HawaiianAirlines.com .

Mun says that Adobe’s analytics solution is so accurate and powerful for helping guide the airline’s online content strategy that every member of the online marketing team has become a regular user. Hawaiian Airlines also plans to begin using Adobe’s online testing and optimization solution to automate the testing of various online promotions to different visitor segments, depending on their geographic location. Its goal is to increase online conversions by delivering more relevant offers to visitors based on where they live.

Location-specific promotions are of course important in the travel and retail industries, but what other applications exist for the technology? We’d love to hear about your experiences with geo-targeting content.