The holidays are a unique time for retail ecommerce. While revenue cascades upon retailers like delicious thanksgiving gravy, the volume of user activity magnifies every strength and weakness of the ecommerce experience. Without careful analysis and optimization, the gravy train, with its big numbers and exciting trends, can speed past areas of opportunity.

Our own Adobe Digital Index recently predicted a $2 billion Cyber Monday. Furthermore, Forrester expects 2012 US online sales to increase by 15% from 2011, generating over $68 billion dollars in revenue. Forrester also notes that, in order to succeed this season, retailers will need to compete on more than price.

More than ever, consumers are looking for additional value in their holiday shopping experience. Mobile is playing a more prominent role than ever this year, with consumers using their mobile devices to research and transact. The opportunity for impactful analysis and optimization has never been greater.

Over the next few weeks, the Retail experts in Adobe Consulting will be providing a series of blog posts to help marketers make the most of their Holiday data and uncover ways to maximize and learn from the holiday onslaught. One of our managers, Adam Egbert, recently posted a first set of Retail Holiday Tips. Over the coming days, look for more ideas from our team on areas including:

  • Prior Year vs. Current Year Benchmarks & Forecasting
  • Free Shipping Analysis & Optimization
  • Landing Page & Microsite Review/Analysis
  • Store Locator Analysis & Optimization
  • Online Circular Analysis
  • Promo & Product Discount Analysis
  • Internal Search Analysis & Optimization
  • Product Assortment Analysis

Here’s to a very happy and relaxing Thanksgiving – and a great start to the 2012 Holiday shopping season thereafter!

Matt Gibby is a con­sul­tant in Adobe Con­sult­ing, focused on dig­i­tal strat­egy, ana­lyt­ics & opti­miza­tion for retail & travel clients. This is one of a series of posts covering tips from our retail experts in Adobe Consulting related to Holiday ecommerce analyics.