The hol­i­days are a unique time for retail ecom­merce. While rev­enue cas­cades upon retail­ers like deli­cious thanks­giv­ing gravy, the vol­ume of user activ­ity mag­ni­fies every strength and weak­ness of the ecom­merce experience. Without care­ful analy­sis and opti­miza­tion, the gravy train, with its big num­bers and excit­ing trends, can speed past areas of opportunity.

Our own Adobe Dig­i­tal Index recently pre­dicted a $2 bil­lion Cyber Mon­day. Fur­ther­more, For­rester expects 2012 US online sales to increase by 15% from 2011, gen­er­at­ing over $68 bil­lion dol­lars in rev­enue. For­rester also notes that, in order to suc­ceed this sea­son, retail­ers will need to com­pete on more than price.

More than ever, con­sumers are look­ing for addi­tional value in their hol­i­day shop­ping expe­ri­ence. Mobile is play­ing a more promi­nent role than ever this year, with con­sumers using their mobile devices to research and trans­act. The oppor­tu­nity for impact­ful analy­sis and opti­miza­tion has never been greater.

Over the next few weeks, the Retail experts in Adobe Con­sult­ing will be pro­vid­ing a series of blog posts to help mar­keters make the most of their Hol­i­day data and uncover ways to max­i­mize and learn from the hol­i­day onslaught. One of our man­agers, Adam Egbert, recently posted a first set of Retail Hol­i­day Tips. Over the com­ing days, look for more ideas from our team on areas including:

  • Prior Year vs. Cur­rent Year Bench­marks & Forecasting
  • Free Ship­ping Analy­sis & Optimization
  • Land­ing Page & Microsite Review/Analysis
  • Store Loca­tor Analy­sis & Optimization
  • Online Cir­cu­lar Analysis
  • Promo & Prod­uct Dis­count Analysis
  • Inter­nal Search Analy­sis & Optimization
  • Prod­uct Assort­ment Analysis

Here’s to a very happy and relax­ing Thanks­giv­ing — and a great start to the 2012 Hol­i­day shop­ping sea­son thereafter!

Matt Gibby is a con­sul­tant in Adobe Con­sult­ing, focused on dig­i­tal strat­egy, ana­lyt­ics & opti­miza­tion for retail & travel clients. This is one of a series of posts cov­er­ing tips from our retail experts in Adobe Con­sult­ing related to Hol­i­day ecom­merce analyics.