In one of my most recent blogs I discuss social media as a marketing form that is distinct from brand and search marketing. I emphasize that social marketers need to work with brand and search marketers (and vice versa) in order to market on a wide scope.

Steve Masters, an employee at Red Market Media, wrote for Business 2 Community about how social media can extend into search and brand marketing. He gives a great example in his blog titled “How Social Media Helps Your Brand on Google” of how social, brand, and search marketing are connected.

Masters explains that the more social media sites you’re on, the better your chances that a Google search for your brand’s name will yield results about your brand. Many other sites may use the keywords that define your brand, but when you’re on social media, it’s more likely that the person who searches for your brand using its defining keywords will find your brand and not someone else’s.

Your presence on social sites improves brand image and awareness, affects your search results, and ties into social media. This is perfect example of digital marketing as an amalgam of search, social, and brand marketing.

Don’t think that a mere presence on social media is sufficient for your entire social marketing strategy though. Social marketing goes beyond simply being available on social media. Customer interaction defines social marketing.