The assurance and tax experts, McGladrey, improved the appearance, performance, and value of its website by making it easier to deliver accurate, relevant results to customers. With Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Manager in Adobe Marketing Cloud, McGladrey has not only transformed user experiences on the website, but on tablets and smartphones as well.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud enables McGladrey to offer existing and prospective clients the best possible mobile experience,” says Ken Foster, director of digital media at McGladrey. “We can now publish new content faster, enabling us to quickly and efficiently service our business partners and content creators within McGladrey.”

McGladrey is positioning itself as a thought leader and regularly adds videos and webcasts featuring staff members and industry leaders such as Bloomberg to its website. Because posting new content is considered vital to attracting new customers, Adobe partner Siteworx has helped enable content hosting by leveraging the out-of-the-box video component in Adobe Experience Manager. These modifications also helped McGladrey and Siteworx win the 2013 Interactive Media Award for Best-in-Class website in the Professional Services category.

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