How do you deliver the right experience at the right time to your customers everywhere they are, whether they’re online or offline? How does your approach to marketing change when everything is connected?  These are questions that are driving marketers to think less these days about “digital marketing”, and more about “marketing in a digital world”.

On July 23 at 9:00am PST (12:00pm EST), we are hosting a Twitter chat via #AdobeChat titled “Going Beyond Digital Marketing to Marketing in a Digital World: Creating compelling experiences everywhere your customers are.” John Mellor, VP Strategy and Marketing at Adobe (@MellorTime) and Suresh Vittal, Chief Product Officer at Neolane (@SureshVittal) will be answering these questions, and discussing what Adobe’s intent to acquire Neolane means for marketers looking to capitalize on the evolving ability to reach customers everywhere they are with compelling experiences.

Learn more about Adobe’s intent to acquire Neolane here.

Join the conversation, Tuesday via #AdobeChat. We welcome and encourage your pre-submitted questions. Share them with us in the comments section!


jpegAs VP of Strategy and Marketing at Adobe, John Mellor works closely with strategic partners to extend the value and reach of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Mellor joined Omniture in 2003, prior to the company’s acquisition by Adobe in 2009. Previously, he served as senior leadership positions for Frontline Educational Products, RichFX and Viewpoint (acquired by Computer Associates). An experienced public speaker, Mellor is interested in digital marketing, advertising, media and business optimization. Mellor holds both a MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University.

VittalAs Chief Product Officer at Neolane, Suresh Vittal is responsible for global product strategy and product marketing. In this role, Vittal helps brands redefine how they engage with their customers and guides product direction. Previous to Neolane, Vittal was at Forrester Research where he built and scaled the Customer Intelligence practice while counseling marketing clients. His research agenda focused on enterprise marketing technologies, database marketing strategies, and customer analytics. Prior to joining Forrester in 2006, Suresh spent time at SPSS and NetGenesis. Suresh has an MBA from Greenwich College, The University of Hull in the UK, and a MS in computer information systems from Bentley College.