Sometimes the daily grind of measuring marketing successes is just too overwhelming to deal with.  I recently read an article about the Olympics and it reminded me that this marketing loaded event is coming up again.  It seems like a good time to highlight the opportunity to identify critical marketing moments for an all out attack on website measurement and optimization.  It could be around the Olympics or the Christmas shopping season or any other marketing moment appropriate for your industry.  Clearly ongoing benchmarking and KPIs are critical to any business, but inflection points are also a great way to understand how the various online measurement and optimization opportunities contribute to the organizational bottom line.  Often times in industries like Media/Entertainment, these marketing moments are used to direct strategic change for a period of one or more years based on the business returns measured at moments in time.

And by the way, if you do take an opportunity to measure a marketing moment, let us know.  We’d love to highlight it at a café, symposium, Summit or webinar event.  After all you deserve to show off how fantastic your business is at mapping digital marketing activities to business results.