Following the Efficient Frontier search CPC (cost per click) trends release, we are now sharing the Display CPM (cost per thousand impression) and volume trends for March 2011 and the first quarter of 2011.

Figure 1: Display Trends – March 2011
Figure 2: Display Trends – Q1 2011Blog14fig2
In March 2011 and indeed in Q1 of this year, volume has increased well over 100% YoY (year over year) as marketers continued to take advantage of Display opportunities on the EF platform with market-leading insights and capabilities. So while CPM trends are down over the corresponding period and relatively flat MoM (month over month) and QoQ (quarter over quarter), the amount advertisers are spending on Display is increasing significantly.

It is important to note that the main reason that volume and spend has grown at this level is largely due to the optimization capabilities available via Efficient Frontier. Our unique ability to assess the value of Display in conjunction with the rest of advertisers’ digital marketing mix in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Social Media via Facebook has given advertisers maximum ROI (return on investment) for their campaigns.

Chris Jacob