Our pre­vi­ous Adobe Dig­i­tal Index report high­lighted the oppor­tu­nity to mar­ket to foot­ball fans chat­ting on social media. The few hours dur­ing yesterday’s big game were likely some of the largest social media audi­ences. For those who paid the $4 mil­lion per thirty-second spot and those who did not, saw tremen­dous ben­e­fit from social media marketing.

Blowout Game Ben­e­fits Social Media

It didn’t take long after half­time for view­ers to real­ize the game was going to be a com­plete blow out. As audi­ences began to turn away from the game itself, social media men­tions for Super Bowl adver­tis­ers started to increase. Adver­tis­ers gar­nered nearly 2 mil­lion men­tions over­all (1.907 m) with nearly 55% of those men­tions com­ing in the sec­ond half. The increase in dis­cus­sion about adver­tis­ers appears to indi­cate that view­ers found the adver­tis­ing to be the more enter­tain­ing topic of conversation.

Game Adver­tis­ers Saw 7x Gain in Social Mentions

Although the ads are expen­sive, adver­tis­ers in the game all saw large gains in their social media men­tions. Total men­tions and per­cent increase ver­sus their aver­age day showed dra­matic improve­ment ver­sus a typ­i­cal day for these adver­tis­ers. A com­par­i­son of Super Bowl adver­tis­ers ver­sus their com­peti­tors shows how dra­mat­i­cally their adver­tis­ing impacts dig­i­tal channels.

ad v comp

We will release an analy­sis of advertiser’s web traf­fic later this week and expect to see dou­ble digit rise in traf­fic there as well.