Our previous Adobe Digital Index report highlighted the opportunity to market to football fans chatting on social media. The few hours during yesterday’s big game were likely some of the largest social media audiences. For those who paid the $4 million per thirty-second spot and those who did not, saw tremendous benefit from social media marketing.

Blowout Game Benefits Social Media

It didn’t take long after halftime for viewers to realize the game was going to be a complete blow out. As audiences began to turn away from the game itself, social media mentions for Super Bowl advertisers started to increase. Advertisers garnered nearly 2 million mentions overall (1.907 m) with nearly 55% of those mentions coming in the second half. The increase in discussion about advertisers appears to indicate that viewers found the advertising to be the more entertaining topic of conversation.

Game Advertisers Saw 7x Gain in Social Mentions

Although the ads are expensive, advertisers in the game all saw large gains in their social media mentions. Total mentions and percent increase versus their average day showed dramatic improvement versus a typical day for these advertisers. A comparison of Super Bowl advertisers versus their competitors shows how dramatically their advertising impacts digital channels.

ad v comp

We will release an analysis of advertiser’s web traffic later this week and expect to see double digit rise in traffic there as well.