The real-time Adobe Dig­i­tal Index results are in: Online shop­ping trends indi­cate that con­sumers took full advan­tage of their mobile devices to “shop on the sly” on Thanks­giv­ing Day and “omnishop” while in stores on Black Friday.

In an attempt to play every angle pos­si­ble, retail­ers poured money into new mobile capa­bil­i­ties this year by adding WiFi to key stores, expand­ing mobile appli­ca­tion offer­ings, and opti­miz­ing Web sites for eas­ier trans­ac­tions from small screens. These invest­ments in mobile paid off, dri­ving cus­tomers to use their smart­phones and tablets more this year. Over the two shop­ping days of Nov. 28 and 29, nearly one out of every four online sales dol­lars (24%) occurred on one of those mobile devices. This resulted in a 118% increase in sales year-over-year (YOY) com­ing via these devices.

The data also shows that shop­pers over­whelm­ingly pre­ferred the iPad as their shop­ping com­pan­ion device, rep­re­sent­ing nearly half a bil­lion dol­lars ($417 mil­lion) in sales dur­ing these past two days, fol­lowed by the iPhone and Android phones at $126 mil­lion and $106 mil­lion, respectively.

Dual Billion-Dollar Days

Adobe Dig­i­tal Index mea­sured dual online sales records for Thanks­giv­ing and Black Fri­day, which saw 400 mil­lion vis­its dur­ing the two-day period. The increase in Thanks­giv­ing online sales sur­passed last year, break­ing the billion-dollar mark at $1.06 bil­lion, with actual spend­ing up 18%. No lag­gard, Black Fri­day reached a record of its own, with actual spend­ing jump­ing to nearly $2 bil­lion ($1.93 billion)—up more than 30% YOY.

Last year, sales started pick­ing up online at 9 a.m. ET on Black Fri­day. This year things began ramp­ing up three hours ear­lier as a result of increased in-store mobile shop­ping and new strate­gies that staged releases of “door-buster” pro­mo­tions through­out the day. With in-store shop­ping hap­pen­ing early in the day on Thanks­giv­ing, con­sumers appeared to head home ear­lier and con­tinue shop­ping online. Online shop­ping peaked between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. ET on Black Fri­day, when retail­ers pulled in $150 mil­lion in a sin­gle hour.


Storms In North­east Move Shop­pers Online

Bad weather in the north­east drove many shop­pers online on Black Fri­day as the major­ity of the states with the high­est year-over-year growth in rev­enue per vis­i­tor were in the storm zone.  Other top states like Wyoming are rural with online shop­ping the only method of access­ing door bust­ing deals.

  1. Ver­mont
  2. Wyoming
  3. South Dakota
  4. North Dakota
  5. Alaska
  6. Mon­tana
  7. New Hamp­shire
  8. Delaware
  9. Maine
  10. New Mex­ico

Brick-And-Click Wins Big

Tra­di­tional brick-and-click retail­ers are out­selling their online-only com­peti­tors so far this year, at nearly a 3-to-1 ratio. Aver­age bas­ket sizes remained largely unchanged ver­sus last year, at $139 per com­pleted sale

Cat­e­gory win­ners for the two-day period were toys, sport­ing goods, and jew­elry, with an aver­age increase in sales of 680% over a typ­i­cal sales day.

Shop­ping Chat­ter Over­shad­ows Hol­i­day In Social Networks

Prod­ucts, com­pa­nies, and events that gen­er­ated strong social media con­ver­sa­tion on Thanks­giv­ing Day and Black Fri­day were Sony PlaySta­tion 4, Ama­zon, iPad, and the National Foot­ball League (NFL). With more than 300,000 men­tions, PlaySta­tion 4 drove close to three times more social media traf­fic on Face­book, Twit­ter, Tum­blr, blogs (includ­ing Word­Press and Blog­ger), YouTube, and Red­dit than did Microsoft’s Xbox One. Ama­zon was the most men­tioned retailer, with close to 450,000 posts; Wal­mart was a close sec­ond. The NFL gar­nered almost twice as much social media buzz as Macy’s Thanks­giv­ing Parade on Thanks­giv­ing Day. Thoughts of shop­ping over­shad­owed the hol­i­day itself, as social con­ver­sa­tion con­tain­ing the term “Black Fri­day” received more men­tions than Thanks­giv­ing Day.

We con­tinue to call for Cyber Mon­day to be the largest sin­gle online shop­ping day in the his­tory of the Inter­net, with an increase of 15% YOY and sales of $2.27 billion.

Stay tuned late Mon­day evening for an in-depth look at what really hap­pens based on Adobe Dig­i­tal Index stats.