The Dynamic Nature of Mobile Search in APAC Today we are releasing a new Adobe Digital Index report that investigates the impact of search-driven visits in 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. This is the first report that I’ve helped to create and, quite frankly, I’m humbled by the sheer size and flexibility of the data set. Even though I’ve been analyzing data for a long time, I’ve never come close to generating findings from 2.5 billion visits before. At Adobe, where we collect over 1 trillion transactions per quarter, 2.5 billion isn’t even that large.

My experiences analyzing data goes back over a decade to the start of my career where I worked in media. As a Media Planner you spend an inordinate amount of time looking at research in order to determine where to best place advertising. While performing various investigations I had an epiphany.  Hold on to your hats now, the research sponsor always performed best. This led me to feel rather jaded about research of any kind and that still impacts how I see data today. I’m that person who goes straight to the methodology section in order to figure out how the research was conducted to gain insights on how the findings could be slanted to potentially bias the results.

As the newbie to the Adobe Digital Index team I quickly fell right back into the data devil’s advocate role.  So we did a bunch of cross-checks and extra analysis to support the findings because some of the data seemed counter-intuitive. For example, visits from Android devices and use of Google Search on mobile are really not correlated? Does Bounce Rate analysis apply to mobile search? Why does search usage in South Korea and Mainland China not look like the rest of Asia-Pacific?

As a team we really dug into the data to find answers to these questions. As you’d expect, data sets with billions of records require some serious analytic firepower. Low and behold, our unexpected findings are actually digital marketing insights, that we think you’ll find really helpful to provoke thought and benchmark yourselves against.

Some highlights from the report:

  • Mobile search is a larger driver of visits than PC search
  • Google Search on mobile appears to be more correlated to iOS than Android.
  • Bounce rate for Bing is the lowest in APAC

Click here to read the report, to get all the stats and to share the infographic.

Scott (@scottneuner) and Tyler (@trywhite) thank you for your patience (and future good will :)) and blog readers take note that you should follow these guys on Twitter. They will be tweeting on how to pull the type of data used in this analysis using our Digital Marketing Suite products and also, if we’re lucky, they will give out some additional findings that didn’t make it into the report.

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