The Dynamic Nature of Mobile Search in APAC Today we are releas­ing a new Adobe Dig­i­tal Index report that inves­ti­gates the impact of search-driven vis­its in 11 coun­tries in the Asia-Pacific region. This is the first report that I’ve helped to cre­ate and, quite frankly, I’m hum­bled by the sheer size and flex­i­bil­ity of the data set. Even though I’ve been ana­lyz­ing data for a long time, I’ve never come close to gen­er­at­ing find­ings from 2.5 bil­lion vis­its before. At Adobe, where we col­lect over 1 tril­lion trans­ac­tions per quar­ter, 2.5 bil­lion isn’t even that large.

My expe­ri­ences ana­lyz­ing data goes back over a decade to the start of my career where I worked in media. As a Media Plan­ner you spend an inor­di­nate amount of time look­ing at research in order to deter­mine where to best place adver­tis­ing. While per­form­ing var­i­ous inves­ti­ga­tions I had an epiphany.  Hold on to your hats now, the research spon­sor always per­formed best. This led me to feel rather jaded about research of any kind and that still impacts how I see data today. I’m that per­son who goes straight to the method­ol­ogy sec­tion in order to fig­ure out how the research was con­ducted to gain insights on how the find­ings could be slanted to poten­tially bias the results.

As the new­bie to the Adobe Dig­i­tal Index team I quickly fell right back into the data devil’s advo­cate role.  So we did a bunch of cross-checks and extra analy­sis to sup­port the find­ings because some of the data seemed counter-intuitive. For exam­ple, vis­its from Android devices and use of Google Search on mobile are really not cor­re­lated? Does Bounce Rate analy­sis apply to mobile search? Why does search usage in South Korea and Main­land China not look like the rest of Asia-Pacific?

As a team we really dug into the data to find answers to these ques­tions. As you’d expect, data sets with bil­lions of records require some seri­ous ana­lytic fire­power. Low and behold, our unex­pected find­ings are actu­ally dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing insights, that we think you’ll find really help­ful to pro­voke thought and bench­mark your­selves against.

Some high­lights from the report:

  • Mobile search is a larger dri­ver of vis­its than PC search
  • Google Search on mobile appears to be more cor­re­lated to iOS than Android.
  • Bounce rate for Bing is the low­est in APAC

Click here to read the report, to get all the stats and to share the infographic.

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