Chris­t­ian Arno talks about web­site local­iza­tion in a blog about its chal­lenges. When I dis­cussed local­iz­ing con­tent in my blog about region­al­ized over­sight, I men­tioned three fac­tors that mar­keters must trans­late in order to local­ize con­tent. These three fac­tors are lan­guage, cul­ture, and regional subtleties—language is the most sig­nif­i­cant, regional sub­tleties the least.

The first fac­tor on Arno’s list is design. For Arno, trans­lat­ing design is more impor­tant than trans­lat­ing lan­guage. That makes sense; the appear­ance of con­tent is vital to a consumer’s per­cep­tion of it.

Mar­keters may opt to trans­late lan­guage but then for­get to trans­late design ele­ments. They should never over­look the impor­tance of trans­lat­ing design to suit a cul­ture or region. Some­times design ele­ments need full over­hauls; some­times they need a slight tweak­ing. It’s impor­tant to have local con­tacts to sat­isfy your regional consumers.