We published a new Display case study this week. Downstream, Australia's leading digital performance agency, licenses our technology platform to manage performance display for their clients. They've seen many client successes, including improving WeightWatchers' CPA results by 71%.

Steve Knowles, CEO and Founder of Downstream states: "Efficient Frontier had long ago established itself as the world’s most advanced Search Marketing technology, bringing advanced predictive models for Search investments based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MTP). In the last few years though, throughsome serious product development, Efficient Frontier has morphed itself from a Search only platform into becoming a cutting edge Demand Side Platform. Efficient Frontier is now capable of simultaneously managing Search, Performance/Biddable Display and Facebook together. This advancement to manage, forecast and execute across multiple digital performance channels is a groundbreaking advancement for ROI focused marketers, enabling us to uniquely understand and attribute value in combination to all channels that lead to a conversion."

To read the full case study click here.

Margarita Golod
Senior Product Marketing Manager