Today Omniture announced the release of a new Partner Enablement API and developer sandbox beta. The new technology allows partners to unlock value for joint customers through the development of applications that leverage or add to the approximately 1 trillion transactions measured by Omniture each quarter. Here are highlights from this beta release:

Partner Enablement API
The partner enablement API includes web services for integrating data and configuring integrations between partner applications and Omniture. Using the partner enablement API, a partner can map and test the data exchange between apps, then easily expose their integration within Genesis so customers can use the drag and drop interface to automatically connect integrations to the Omniture Online Marketing Suite.

In the past, it took a lot of teamwork between partners and Omniture to build new Genesis integrations and expose them in the suite. The new APIs give partners greater independence in the process, which should result in richer and more robust integrations along with faster upgrades to integration functionality. With over 200 Genesis partners, it’s important that our partners are as self-sufficient as possible in building and maintaining their integrations… this new partner enablement API does just that.

Developer Sandbox (Beta)
In addition to the partner enablement API, we’re also rolling out a Beta developer sandbox for select partners. The sandbox is designed to give partners a full-featured SiteCatalyst development environment with access to both the partner enablement API and all product APIs that currently support the suite. These include:

  • Data Import APIs – these APIs enable the import of product and content classifications for enhanced SiteCatalyst reporting, import of data from internal or third party systems for combined measurement of offline and online marketing initiatives and the ability to perform server-side website data collection
  • Reporting API – this API enables third-party applications to access SiteCatalyst’s core report data
  • Administrative API – the Administrative API allows third-party applications to configure SiteCatalyst user permissions and report suite access
  • DataWarehouse API – the DataWarehouse API enables partner applications to define and export targeted visitor segments for remarketing campaigns

In addition to API access, the sandbox also provides a live demo data feed that automatically populates the development test report suite with artificial hit-level data. Developers will also have the option of uploading their own test data to an empty demo report suite.

While still in Beta and available only to select partners, Omniture intends to provide access to the developer sandbox to all partners, including our 500-plus channel partners, over the course of the second half of 2009. That’s a very large pool of innovators and potential innovation wating to be unlocked. The possibilities are endless … new marketing automation tools, segmentation and targeting across multiple marketing channels and technologies, and advanced predictive analytics are just a few things that come to mind.

Partners interested in accessing the sandbox should contact their partner account manager to request participation in the beta program. To learn more about becoming an Omniture Partner please visit