Ear­lier today, we noticed an increase in Twit­ter vol­ume about Omniture’s Enter­prise TV offer­ing. We recently intro­duced Enter­prise TV – a new plat­form for deliv­er­ing train­ing video con­tent to our enter­prise cus­tomers. Jason Thomp­son, an active and impor­tant mem­ber of the Omni­ture com­mu­nity, pointed out in his blog the value of pro­vid­ing free train­ing con­tent for Omni­ture prod­ucts. In our zeal to address some cor­rec­tions to Jason’s blog, we over-reached, and the twit­ter­sphere dis­cus­sion went south from there!

We apol­o­gize to Jason and to our com­mu­nity for not doing a bet­ter job of lis­ten­ing or com­mu­ni­cat­ing our intent with Enter­prise TV. We whole­heart­edly agree with Jason that we are respon­si­ble to our user com­mu­nity for pro­vid­ing qual­ity train­ing content.

Most of the train­ing mate­ri­als that we have long pro­vided at no cost and many other new train­ing videos con­tinue to be avail­able com­ple­men­tary. You can find those mate­ri­als from the Help menu when logged into the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Suite. We specif­i­cally acknowl­edge one of Jason’s points regard­ing site design and are work­ing to make the free con­tent eas­ier to find. We will con­tinue to invest in pro­vid­ing com­ple­men­tary train­ing to the com­mu­nity, while also offer­ing advanced paid train­ing con­tent through our Enter­prise TV ser­vice. We believe there is a place for both free and pre­mium con­tent, both of which are now part of the Enter­prise TV offering.

Our cus­tomers and com­mu­nity make us bet­ter, espe­cially when we are pushed and given use­ful feed­back. We are com­mit­ted to engag­ing with you on Twit­ter, on our Omni­ture Face­book page, and on ideas​.omni​ture​.com.  Keep the good ideas com­ing folks!