Earlier today, we noticed an increase in Twitter volume about Omniture’s Enterprise TV offering. We recently introduced Enterprise TV – a new platform for delivering training video content to our enterprise customers. Jason Thompson, an active and important member of the Omniture community, pointed out in his blog the value of providing free training content for Omniture products. In our zeal to address some corrections to Jason’s blog, we over-reached, and the twittersphere discussion went south from there!

We apologize to Jason and to our community for not doing a better job of listening or communicating our intent with Enterprise TV. We wholeheartedly agree with Jason that we are responsible to our user community for providing quality training content.

Most of the training materials that we have long provided at no cost and many other new training videos continue to be available complementary. You can find those materials from the Help menu when logged into the Adobe Marketing Suite. We specifically acknowledge one of Jason’s points regarding site design and are working to make the free content easier to find. We will continue to invest in providing complementary training to the community, while also offering advanced paid training content through our Enterprise TV service. We believe there is a place for both free and premium content, both of which are now part of the Enterprise TV offering.

Our customers and community make us better, especially when we are pushed and given useful feedback. We are committed to engaging with you on Twitter, on our Omniture Facebook page, and on ideas.omniture.com.  Keep the good ideas coming folks!