Here’s this week’s roundup of links of interest in Retail & Travel, from the thought leaders on our retail & travel consulting team:

The Mannequin is watching – and profiling – you (EyeSee) []
Don’t miss the new mannequin that will glean your demographic data and shopping patterns as you shop.

Get Ready For a New Era of E-Commerce In 2013: Instant Gratification [AdAge Digital]
It’s coming! Are you ready for instant delivery?

Instant convenience: How same-day delivery and in-store pick up are transforming retail [ Blog]
More perspective on instant gratification, with some tips on what it requires.

The Evolution of the “Search” Buyer [Kevin Hillstrom’s Mine That Data]
Simulation illustrating a good reminder that buyers evolve in their behavior over time. Today’s first-time search buyer is likely tomorrow’s catalog – or direct – buyer.

How Restoration Hardware Made ‘Showrooming’ An Asset Instead Of An Enemy [WSJ]
Accepting the store as a showroom.

Joining the retail technology dots to become the “connected store” [ Blog]

12 Ways Technology Has Utterly Transformed The Way We Buy Things [Business Insider]
From RFID tags to virtual fitting rooms, and everything else in-between, technology continues to push retail into a new world.

The Dark Side of Cross-Selling [HBR]
Cross-selling across business lines, or product categories, is usually profitable. But not always…

Marriott, Best Western, Hilton, Aria, Holiday Inn most popular hotel brands on Facebook [Inside Facebook]

Retail & Travel on the Adobe Digital Marketing Blog:


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