Here’s this week’s roundup of links of inter­est in Retail & Travel, from the thought lead­ers on our retail & travel con­sult­ing team:

Do con­sumers want same-day ship­ping? [Inter­net Retailer]
Some cus­tomers ques­tion­ing whether it’s for real, oth­ers not will­ing to trust their last-minute gifts to same-day ship­ping, leads some retail­ers to ques­tions their cus­tomers’ thirst for same-day ship­ping. Oth­ers, like eBay, claim suc­cess with it dur­ing the recent hol­i­day season.

Fail­ure To Mas­ter Online Data Costs Mar­keters Prof­its [Online Media Daily]
A quick overview of sev­eral of the hur­dles to truly mas­ter­ing dig­i­tal data, and the impact the gap might have on busi­ness potential.

Tar­get tar­gets hun­gry smart­phone users and the Super Bowl [Inter­net Retailer]
Don’t miss out — play Snack Bowl on the Tar­get mobile app over the next two weeks as you prep for the big game. For Tar­get, it’s about con­nect­ing with their guests, and new ways “to enter­tain and inspire [their] guests in a uniquely Tar­get way.”

Google’s Attempt To Steal Amazon’s Shop­ping Busi­ness [BI Retail]

France Con­sid­er­ing an ‘Inter­net Tax’ on Per­sonal Data [Mashable]

Ter­mi­nal Bliss — Delta & the Air­port Expe­ri­ence [Rever­ies]
Acknowl­edg­ing that the pas­sen­ger expe­ri­ence begins well before we board the plane, air­lines — Delta included — are look­ing for new ways to enhance the in-airport expe­ri­ence and beyond.


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