Here’s this week’s roundup of links of interest in Retail & Travel, from the thought leaders on our retail & travel consulting team:

Do consumers want same-day shipping? [Internet Retailer]
Some customers questioning whether it’s for real, others not willing to trust their last-minute gifts to same-day shipping, leads some retailers to questions their customers’ thirst for same-day shipping. Others, like eBay, claim success with it during the recent holiday season.

Failure To Master Online Data Costs Marketers Profits [Online Media Daily]
A quick overview of several of the hurdles to truly mastering digital data, and the impact the gap might have on business potential.

Target targets hungry smartphone users and the Super Bowl [Internet Retailer]
Don’t miss out – play Snack Bowl on the Target mobile app over the next two weeks as you prep for the big game. For Target, it’s about connecting with their guests, and new ways “to entertain and inspire [their] guests in a uniquely Target way.”

Google’s Attempt To Steal Amazon’s Shopping Business [BI Retail]

France Considering an ‘Internet Tax’ on Personal Data [Mashable]

Terminal Bliss – Delta & the Airport Experience [Reveries]
Acknowledging that the passenger experience begins well before we board the plane, airlines – Delta included – are looking for new ways to enhance the in-airport experience and beyond.


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