Just for our retail & travel clients, here’s a weekly roundup of inter­est­ing links & news about retail, online retail, and travel & hos­pi­tal­ity, com­piled by the indus­try experts & thought lead­ers on our Adobe Con­sult­ing Retail & Travel team.

Or, as I’m affec­tion­ately start­ing to call it, the “one link to rule them all” that you’ll want and need each week:

The ROI from Mar­ket­ing to Exist­ing Online Cus­tomers [Adobe Dig­i­tal Index Report]
Our lat­est Dig­i­tal Index Report focuses on the impact of mar­ket­ing to exist­ing cus­tomers. Migrat­ing just 1% of shop­pers to return­ing pur­chasers could gen­er­ate as much as $39 mil­lion in addi­tional rev­enue per retailer.

How Does e-Commerce Mea­sure up to All Retail? [Web Ana­lyt­ics World]
A view into some cur­rent stats from the U.S. Com­merce Depart­ment (here’s a direct link to the source doc, the Acro­bat PDF file with the stats.) E-Commerce is now mak­ing up about 5% of all retail sales.

Ama­zon, Forced to Col­lect a Tax, Is Adding Roots [New York Times]
As the future real­ity of the  tax on Inter­net retail sales starts to hit home across Amer­ica, Ama­zon is tak­ing the big step of adding ware­houses in major met­ro­pol­i­tan areas, aim­ing for “fast delivery.”

Trav­el­ers Want More Tech and Mobile Ser­vices From Air­ports, Air­lines [Mash­able]
Con­sid­er­ing these stats (and my own fre­quent travel expe­ri­ences), I can’t help but con­sider the need for the relent­less focus on mobile on the part of our major travel clients.

Google Shop­ping to Switch to Paid Model in Octo­ber [Mash­able]
What do you think? Will retail­ers be happy to pay for some­thing that they’ve come to love for free? Some of the clients I’ve dis­cussed this with are less than excited about the change.

Alibaba: Our Sales Are Big­ger Than Ama­zon and eBay’s Com­bined [Mash­able]
Just when we were used to Ama­zon at the top of our “biggest online retailer” lists, we’re reminded that there are oth­ers around the world. Alibaba  claims faster growth than Ama­zon this year (based on their own analy­sis) and expects fur­ther accel­er­a­tion in their own growth.

Upward Mobil­ity: The future of shop­ping is in the shopper’s hands [Hub Mag­a­zine]
A round­table of five mar­keters dis­cussing the impact and usage of mobile in retail.

Toys R Us to let Shop­pers Reserve Hot Toys [Chicago Tri­bune]
Toys R Us has announced plans for their new “Hot Toy Reser­va­tion” ser­vice, let­ting cus­tomers pay 20% down by Octo­ber 31 to reserve & guar­an­tee any of 50 items on a list of toys that’s yet to be announced.

Gender-Centric Retail & Men-Centric (sep­a­rate links) [Rever­ies]
Some inter­est­ing per­spec­tives and exam­ples of how retail­ers are revis­it­ing the ques­tion of how to treat shop­pers of dif­fer­ent gen­ders differently.

Amer­i­can Air­lines Makes Ready for the New iPhone (Pass­book board­ing passes) [Board­ing Area]
Pass­book was announced this week, and Amer­i­can Air­lines was among the part­ners who are step­ping up as part of the effort. If you fly Amer­i­can, your Pass­book will also be able to con­tain your board­ing pass.

Gart­ner: 72% Have a “Chief Mar­ket­ing Tech­nol­o­gist” Today [Chief­MarTec]
More on the growth of a key role we’re start­ing to see at many of our major clients.

Con­sumer Buy­ing Cau­tious, But Ris­ing Online [Online Media Daily]
From the arti­cle: “Indus­try data sug­gests an increase in spend­ing online despite the recent macro­eco­nomic uncer­tainty, accord­ing to Citi ana­lyst Mark Mahaney. He points to data from com­Score, exclud­ing travel and event tick­ets, that sug­gests online retail spend­ing rose 17% year-on-year in July, up from 15% sequentially.”


Bonus: Some of our favorite links from the blog of this week’s Shop​.org annual summit:

How to be a Web Ana­lyt­ics Hero (our own Brent Dykes)
Cus­tomer ser­vice is Chang­ing, and so is Nord­strom
Why site speed mat­ters big time for retail­ers
Build­ing a brand mas­ter­piece: How Neiman Mar­cus re-energized their brand through the book
Weigh­ing the Pros & Cons of Respon­sive Design
A his­tory les­son in e-commerce: How far have we come?


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