Just for our retail & travel clients, here’s a weekly roundup of interesting links & news about retail, online retail, and travel & hospitality, compiled by the industry experts & thought leaders on our Adobe Consulting Retail & Travel team.

Or, as I’m affectionately starting to call it, the “one link to rule them all” that you’ll want and need each week:

The ROI from Marketing to Existing Online Customers [Adobe Digital Index Report]
Our latest Digital Index Report focuses on the impact of marketing to existing customers. Migrating just 1% of shoppers to returning purchasers could generate as much as $39 million in additional revenue per retailer.

How Does e-Commerce Measure up to All Retail? [Web Analytics World]
A view into some current stats from the U.S. Commerce Department (here’s a direct link to the source doc, the Acrobat PDF file with the stats.) E-Commerce is now making up about 5% of all retail sales.

Amazon, Forced to Collect a Tax, Is Adding Roots [New York Times]
As the future reality of the  tax on Internet retail sales starts to hit home across America, Amazon is taking the big step of adding warehouses in major metropolitan areas, aiming for “fast delivery.”

Travelers Want More Tech and Mobile Services From Airports, Airlines [Mashable]
Considering these stats (and my own frequent travel experiences), I can’t help but consider the need for the relentless focus on mobile on the part of our major travel clients.

Google Shopping to Switch to Paid Model in October [Mashable]
What do you think? Will retailers be happy to pay for something that they’ve come to love for free? Some of the clients I’ve discussed this with are less than excited about the change.

Alibaba: Our Sales Are Bigger Than Amazon and eBay’s Combined [Mashable]
Just when we were used to Amazon at the top of our “biggest online retailer” lists, we’re reminded that there are others around the world. Alibaba  claims faster growth than Amazon this year (based on their own analysis) and expects further acceleration in their own growth.

Upward Mobility: The future of shopping is in the shopper’s hands [Hub Magazine]
A roundtable of five marketers discussing the impact and usage of mobile in retail.

Toys R Us to let Shoppers Reserve Hot Toys [Chicago Tribune]
Toys R Us has announced plans for their new “Hot Toy Reservation” service, letting customers pay 20% down by October 31 to reserve & guarantee any of 50 items on a list of toys that’s yet to be announced.

Gender-Centric Retail & Men-Centric (separate links) [Reveries]
Some interesting perspectives and examples of how retailers are revisiting the question of how to treat shoppers of different genders differently.

American Airlines Makes Ready for the New iPhone (Passbook boarding passes) [Boarding Area]
Passbook was announced this week, and American Airlines was among the partners who are stepping up as part of the effort. If you fly American, your Passbook will also be able to contain your boarding pass.

Gartner: 72% Have a “Chief Marketing Technologist” Today [ChiefMarTec]
More on the growth of a key role we’re starting to see at many of our major clients.

Consumer Buying Cautious, But Rising Online [Online Media Daily]
From the article: “Industry data suggests an increase in spending online despite the recent macroeconomic uncertainty, according to Citi analyst Mark Mahaney. He points to data from comScore, excluding travel and event tickets, that suggests online retail spending rose 17% year-on-year in July, up from 15% sequentially.”


Bonus: Some of our favorite links from the blog of this week’s Shop.org annual summit:

How to be a Web Analytics Hero (our own Brent Dykes)
Customer service is Changing, and so is Nordstrom
Why site speed matters big time for retailers
Building a brand masterpiece: How Neiman Marcus re-energized their brand through the book
Weighing the Pros & Cons of Responsive Design
A history lesson in e-commerce: How far have we come?


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