Just for our retail & travel clients, here’s our weekly roundup of inter­est­ing links & news about retail, online retail, and travel & hos­pi­tal­ity, com­piled by the indus­try experts & thought lead­ers on our Adobe Con­sult­ing Retail & Travel team:

Com­pa­nies: Pre­pare To Share $14 Bil In Social Com­merce [Online Media Daily]
Booz & Co. esti­mates that U.S. social com­merce sales (sales from “social net­works, blogs, price com­par­i­son Web sites and other online social media and tech­nolo­gies”) will reach $14 bil­lion by 2015, up from $1 bil­lion last year.

Brand Watch: Target’s mul­ti­chan­nel mobile approach [Mobile Mar­keter]
A great case study of Tar­get, who “just gets mobile” and is “lead­ing the way”.

How Shop­pers Use Smart­phones to Save Money [eMar­keter]
Mobile coupon usage is sky­rock­et­ing. This arti­cle presents some key data and trends.

Nord­strom has invested heav­ily to inte­grate e-commerce with its customer-friendly stores [Barron’s]
With sig­nif­i­cant invest­ment in and focus on e-commerce, includ­ing the dis­tri­b­u­tion chan­nel, Nord­strom has real­ized that tech­nol­ogy can go a long way in improv­ing cus­tomer ser­vice — and the bot­tom line.

Why mobile is key to Retail’s future [Retail Dig­i­tal]
A high-level glimpse into a few sto­ries of the his­tory of mCom­merce, what cus­tomers expect, and why it’s so impor­tant head­ing forward.

J. Crew’s CEO: ‘There Are Too Many Retail­ers’ [CNBC]
”…There are too many brands. There are too many design­ers. There are too many dis­count stores, and the preda­tor online com­pa­nies are sell­ing dis­count like crazy.” Some good thoughts — and hon­est insights & opinions.

Tablet Users: Where are they now? [Online Media Daily]
Quite sim­ply: Where are tablet users using their tablets?

Amer­i­can Air­lines plans new InFlight Tablet pro­gram for Flight Atten­dants [YouTube, AA]
Using tech­nol­ogy to boost cus­tomer ser­vice in the skies.
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