Just for our retail & travel clients, here’s our weekly roundup of interesting links & news about retail, online retail, and travel & hospitality, compiled by the industry experts & thought leaders on our Adobe Consulting Retail & Travel team:

Companies: Prepare To Share $14 Bil In Social Commerce [Online Media Daily]
Booz & Co. estimates that U.S. social commerce sales (sales from “social networks, blogs, price comparison Web sites and other online social media and technologies”) will reach $14 billion by 2015, up from $1 billion last year.

Brand Watch: Target’s multichannel mobile approach [Mobile Marketer]
A great case study of Target, who “just gets mobile” and is “leading the way”.

How Shoppers Use Smartphones to Save Money [eMarketer]
Mobile coupon usage is skyrocketing. This article presents some key data and trends.

Nordstrom has invested heavily to integrate e-commerce with its customer-friendly stores [Barron’s]
With significant investment in and focus on e-commerce, including the distribution channel, Nordstrom has realized that technology can go a long way in improving customer service – and the bottom line.

Why mobile is key to Retail’s future [Retail Digital]
A high-level glimpse into a few stories of the history of mCommerce, what customers expect, and why it’s so important heading forward.

J. Crew’s CEO: ‘There Are Too Many Retailers’ [CNBC]
“…There are too many brands. There are too many designers. There are too many discount stores, and the predator online companies are selling discount like crazy.” Some good thoughts – and honest insights & opinions.

Tablet Users: Where are they now? [Online Media Daily]
Quite simply: Where are tablet users using their tablets?

American Airlines plans new InFlight Tablet program for Flight Attendants [YouTube, AA]
Using technology to boost customer service in the skies.
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Michael HalbrookMichael Halbrook is a manager in Adobe Consulting focused on digital strategy, analytics, and optimization in the retail & travel industry. His team serves retail & travel clients with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, helping retailers with online & offline measurement of retail & travel acquisition, optimization, and conversion, and developing & executing on new digital marketing strategies. He tweets at @Halbrook.