Just for our retail & travel clients, here’s our weekly roundup of inter­est­ing links & news about retail, online retail, and travel & hos­pi­tal­ity, com­piled by the indus­try experts & thought lead­ers on our Adobe Con­sult­ing Retail & Travel team:

Urban Outfitters: All Sales Will Be Done On iPods And iPads [Business Insider Retail]
It its first even analyst day yesterday, Urban Outfitters execs talked about how they’re ditching the traditional POS in favor of iPads. “Sales people will have iPod touches, and cash registers are being phased out in favor of iPads on a swivel.”

Turning the Retail ‘Showrooming Effect’ into a Value-Add [Knowledge@Wharton]
Again, we hear about the power of upping the ante with stronger in-store service, as well as making tighter ties between the retailer’s store and digital experiences, as key to overcoming Showrooming in the war for retail.

Wired To Please: Retail’s past offers clues to its digital future [Hub Magazine]
More on the personal/digital convergence and the part that good old customer service plays in strengthening the in-store experience.

Facebook is Getting Back into eCommerce with ‘Gifts’ (again) [Business Insider]
‘Gifts’ are back on Facebook as of yesterday, in a few key cities. But this time around, you can buy & gift real world items to your friends on the site.

Report: Retail Check-Ins Most Popular on Saturday Afternoons [Street Fight]
It looks like shoppers who are checking in on Foursquare and other similar services are mainly doing so on Saturday afternoons. How about testing a promotional strategy to invite those Saturday shoppers back for some mid-week deals?

Gap and Target Offer Swag, Discounts With Apple’s New Passbook [Mashable]
Some retailers are embracing Apple’s new Passbook feature. This week, Target added some specific offers, while Gap is testing an offer of free swag for stopping by some of its Japanese  locations.

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