This week, we’re 7 weeks from Black Friday and just over 50 days from Cyber Monday. We’re starting to see some more solid predictions and outlook for the 2012 holiday retail season and include some this week. In addition, we have some great links on the online/offline tie, how consumers showroom, and how they use mobile devices in the shopping process.

In addition, we’re trying something new: a weekly podcast, exploring and talking about some of the most interesting articles. Feel free to grab the MP3 and take it with you for the workout or the trip home. The links I discuss in the podcast are referenced by number and marked below with the speaker icons. If this generates some good interest, I might continue to do this more in the future.

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This week’s links of interest from the retail & travel thought leaders in Adobe Consulting:

Online holiday expectations set the bar high for continued growth in 2012 [ Blog] and NRF release some projections for online & offline retail through Holiday 2012.

Showrooming Is a Mixed Bag for Stores [eMarketer]
“Showrooming”  is an ongoing concern for our online+offline retailers. eMarketer features some research that suggests showrooming isn’t all bad – it can have good outcomes too, in the likelihood of consumers to buy on the retailer’s own site after showrooming in store.

“I’m Still Standing,” Say Consumers [Strategy+Business]
Some more detailed projections for Holiday 2012.

Best Buy & Adobe Insight: Connecting Web & Mobile to Store Sales [Flashback: Adobe Blog; April 2012]
A flashback to an Adobe Blog post from April, discussing a solution our Best Buy clients co-presented with us at this year’s Digital Marketing Summit. I mention it in the podcast so link to it again here.

The Dawn of Mobile Influence: Discovering the Value of Mobile in Retail (PDF whitepaper) [Deloitte]
Our partners at Deloitte have issued a great white paper of the use and impact of mobile on retail.

Double Browsing: In-Store Shoppers Search Their Mobiles For Better Deals Online (Infographic) [Milo]
On that showrooming theme, what are the mobile customers doing while they’re in-store?

Target Adds QR Codes In Retail Stores To Help Shoppers Buy Toys On Mobile Devices [TechCrunch]
See? QR codes aren’t dead. Target is kicking them off in-store with toys this holiday.

10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution [iMedia Connection]
Social + Local + Mobile. Who’s helping push it forward?

Here’s The Big Problem With Facebook’s New E-Commerce Effort [Business Insider]
Will the well-known challenge of asking users to jump between the online & offline worlds  extend to the new Gift feature on Facebook?

Social Logins Can Simplify Online Shopping [eMarketer]
Which social logins do customers trust & prefer to use on your eCommerce site? How can social login simplify & streamline the customer experience?

Retailers Make Strides in Mobile to Enhance In-Store Experience [eMarketer]
Yep, even more on mobile & in-store.

4 ways the mobile shopping experience is changing [iMedia Connection]
Here are some more ways the mobile shopping experience is changing and getting better.

Growing passenger fee revenue helps boost airline profits [LA Times]
Lower prices, steady demand, and higher revenue from passenger fees are contributing to rising profits for the nation’s largest airlines.

Have you seen the posts by our own retail & travel team this week on Adobe Discover – Retail Quick Wins? Matt Gilligan posted on Tuesday about using Discover for Simultaneous Segmentation with Table Builder. Derek Tangren posted yesterday on Visitor-Level Fallout Analysis. For a lim­ited time, Adobe Site­Cat­a­lyst 15 clients can inquire with their account team and ask to take part in a free trial of Adobe Dis­cover. We’ve made it eas­ier than ever to try Dis­cover, and we’re show­ing some great Dis­cover analy­sis oppor­tu­ni­ties spe­cific to the retail indus­try. For more infor­ma­tion and to request trial access, con­tact your account man­ager or account executive. More posts in our series of retail Discover quick wins next week.



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