This week, we’re 7 weeks from Black Fri­day and just over 50 days from Cyber Mon­day. We’re start­ing to see some more solid pre­dic­tions and out­look for the 2012 hol­i­day retail sea­son and include some this week. In addi­tion, we have some great links on the online/offline tie, how con­sumers show­room, and how they use mobile devices in the shop­ping process.

In addi­tion, we’re try­ing some­thing new: a weekly pod­cast, explor­ing and talk­ing about some of the most inter­est­ing arti­cles. Feel free to grab the MP3 and take it with you for the work­out or the trip home. The links I dis­cuss in the pod­cast are ref­er­enced by num­ber and marked below with the speaker icons. If this gen­er­ates some good inter­est, I might con­tinue to do this more in the future.

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This week’s links of inter­est from the retail & travel thought lead­ers in Adobe Consulting:

Online hol­i­day expec­ta­tions set the bar high for con­tin­ued growth in 2012 [Shop​.org Blog]
Shop​.org and NRF release some pro­jec­tions for online & offline retail through Hol­i­day 2012.

Show­room­ing Is a Mixed Bag for Stores [eMar­keter]
“Show­room­ing”  is an ongo­ing con­cern for our online+offline retail­ers. eMar­keter fea­tures some research that sug­gests show­room­ing isn’t all bad — it can have good out­comes too, in the like­li­hood of con­sumers to buy on the retailer’s own site after show­room­ing in store.

“I’m Still Stand­ing,” Say Con­sumers [Strategy+Business]
Some more detailed pro­jec­tions for Hol­i­day 2012.

Best Buy & Adobe Insight: Con­nect­ing Web & Mobile to Store Sales [Flash­back: Adobe Blog; April 2012]
A flash­back to an Adobe Blog post from April, dis­cussing a solu­tion our Best Buy clients co-presented with us at this year’s Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Sum­mit. I men­tion it in the pod­cast so link to it again here.

The Dawn of Mobile Influ­ence: Dis­cov­er­ing the Value of Mobile in Retail (PDF whitepa­per) [Deloitte]
Our part­ners at Deloitte have issued a great white paper of the use and impact of mobile on retail.

Dou­ble Brows­ing: In-Store Shop­pers Search Their Mobiles For Bet­ter Deals Online (Info­graphic) [Milo]
On that show­room­ing theme, what are the mobile cus­tomers doing while they’re in-store?

Tar­get Adds QR Codes In Retail Stores To Help Shop­pers Buy Toys On Mobile Devices [TechCrunch]
See? QR codes aren’t dead. Tar­get is kick­ing them off in-store with toys this holiday.

10 com­pa­nies dri­ving the SoLoMo rev­o­lu­tion [iMe­dia Con­nec­tion]
Social + Local + Mobile. Who’s help­ing push it forward?

Here’s The Big Prob­lem With Facebook’s New E-Commerce Effort [Busi­ness Insider]
Will the well-known chal­lenge of ask­ing users to jump between the online & offline worlds  extend to the new Gift fea­ture on Facebook?

Social Logins Can Sim­plify Online Shop­ping [eMar­keter]
Which social logins do cus­tomers trust & pre­fer to use on your eCom­merce site? How can social login sim­plify & stream­line the cus­tomer experience?

Retail­ers Make Strides in Mobile to Enhance In-Store Expe­ri­ence [eMar­keter]
Yep, even more on mobile & in-store.

4 ways the mobile shop­ping expe­ri­ence is chang­ing [iMe­dia Con­nec­tion]
Here are some more ways the mobile shop­ping expe­ri­ence is chang­ing and get­ting better.

Grow­ing pas­sen­ger fee rev­enue helps boost air­line prof­its [LA Times]
Lower prices, steady demand, and higher rev­enue from pas­sen­ger fees are con­tribut­ing to ris­ing prof­its for the nation’s largest airlines.

Have you seen the posts by our own retail & travel team this week on Adobe Dis­cover — Retail Quick Wins? Matt Gilli­gan posted on Tues­day about using Dis­cover for Simul­ta­ne­ous Seg­men­ta­tion with Table Builder. Derek Tan­gren posted yes­ter­day on Visitor-Level Fall­out Analy­sis. For a lim­ited time, Adobe Site­Cat­a­lyst 15 clients can inquire with their account team and ask to take part in a free trial of Adobe Dis­cover. We’ve made it eas­ier than ever to try Dis­cover, and we’re show­ing some great Dis­cover analy­sis oppor­tu­ni­ties spe­cific to the retail indus­try. For more infor­ma­tion and to request trial access, con­tact your account man­ager or account exec­u­tive. More posts in our series of retail Dis­cover quick wins next week.



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