6 weeks to Black Friday! This week, we have a bunch of great links about new digital retail experiences, some initial data on the impact of the Internet sales tax in California, how traditional retailers are becoming more digital-heavy, and how travel is impacting and being impacted by mobile. The Podcast will be back next week… Enjoy the links!

Peapod Creates Virtual Aisles for Subway Stops [Fast Company Design]
The grocer takes the groceries to where the busy customers are – the subway. Just scan an item’s barcode and have it show up on your doorstep.

Web sales at small retailers increase 5% in September [Internet Retailer]
Slightly slower growth than in August at small and midsized retailers, but still good growth. Books led the way; sporting goods still grew, but growth there slowed.

Will the Tax Grinch Steal Internet Christmas? [Adobe Blog; Adobe Digital Index]
…picked up by Mashable: Online Retailers Hurt Most by New California Sales Tax [Mashable]
Our own Tamara Gaffney of the Adobe Digital Index provided some initial research into the impact of the new California Internet sales tax on online sales, and it was picked up further by Mashable.

Walmart Tests Same-Day Delivery for Online Purchases [Internet Retailer]
Walmart Delivery Services Says to Amazon: ‘Bring It’ [WSJ]
Testing its ‘Walmart to Go’ program in Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and soon in San Jose and San Francisco.

Best Buy Exec: Here’s the Truth About the ‘Showrooming’ Phenomenon [BI Retail]
Best Buy Plays Web Hardball; Will Match Online Prices [WSJ]
I’ts not ‘bricks vs. clicks’, but rather multi-channel and all about service and a turnkey personalized experience.

Sears and Kmart cut fees and add a layaway delivery option [Internet Retailer]
Layaway service fees are being waived; cancellation fees still apply. Payments can be made online or in store, and items can be picked up or shipped to home.

Retailers are learning how consumers want to shop on the iPad [Internet Retailer]
Make it easy, convenient, clean, compelling.

The Joy of Clicking (Infographic) [Daily Infographic, via Baynote]
Nice infographic about what we like & prefer when shopping online.

Walmart Betting on Huge Holiday SeasonGetting Serious about Dollar Stores [BI Retail]

Costco’s Soaring Sales Prove that Big Box Retailers Aren’t Dead Yet [BI Retail]
Sales up 21% last quarter.

Facial Kiosks [Reveries] | Big Brother, Now at the Mall [WSJ]
How about a glimpse at a mall kiosk that can sense your age and gender and present appropriate ads? Even better – how about one that can tell it’s you and present a 1:1 experience? There was a movie about it (set in 2035), but we’re helping it become reality today.

Facebook tests ‘Collections’ posts with Want and Collect Buttons for Retailers [Inside Facebook]

Orbitz spreads ‘mobile magic’ throughout redesigned m-commerce site [Internet Retailer]
“In 2010, mobile was a percent or two of our business. In 2012, 20% of our hotel booking comes through mobile.”

Travelocity makes payment card entry in app a snap [Internet Retailer]
Just take a picture of your credit card to make payment in the app.

Travel Apps Lead Industries in Usage Growth [eMarketer]
As consumers travel, their smartphone is their lifeline. Smart travel companies have seen and are well ahead of this curve.


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