It’s upon us! 5 weeks to Black Friday. Most of our clients are now – or are soon entering – holiday analysis lock down mode. This week, the trade articles really started to get into the season and explore some of the key retailers’ strategies. Here’s to a great season!

Mixed Results: We’re a Long Way from Digital-Only Communications in Retailing [Hub Magazine]
I loved this commentary, which is why it’s featured first this week. Pay close attention to the four recommendations/insights at the end, and give careful consideration to how you’re working through them. They’re key to many of the strategic discussions I’ve been involved with among our team and our clients over the last year.

Brands’ Offline Insights Drive Online Advertising’s Future [Online Media Daily]
This is precisely what we’re helping some of our largest retail clients do with the combination of digital data from Adobe SiteCatalyst and offline/store/customer data from their in-house systems, combined in a unified view of the customer in Adobe Insight.

Big Jump in Retail Sales (Up 1.1% in September) [BI Money Game]
Good macro news for retail.

More Holiday Shoppers Head Online [Internet Retailer]

U.S. Postal Service Will Test Same-Day Delivery for E-Retailers [Internet Retailer]
Only a test at first – In San Francisco, for orders placed until about 2 or 3 P.M., picked up after 3, and delivered between 4 & 8. For major markets where there is a distribution point, this type of solution could be key for online retailers.

Target Pledges to Match Amazon’s Holiday Prices [Mashable]

Why Holiday Price-Matching Could Backfire for Target & Best Buy [BI Retail]
The other side of the story. I felt I had to include it, but don’t think it really holds weight. No one is going to price-check a pack of gum in the checkout to save 16 cents. Or wait – I might have in college. But if I’m buying gum, it’s likely because I need it now, and I’m not going to wait a day for Amazon to ship it to me. On the other hand, there are a few other decent points in the WSJ article linked.

How Target Plans To Win Its Upcoming Battle With Walmart And Amazon [BI Retail]
6 key points that happen to be key themes we’re hearing across retail this year.

Macy’s Wants To Dramatically Change Its Core Customer [BI Retail]
Shifting focus to a younger generation.

Online Retail Sales Booming Because Men Don’t Have to Shop at the Mall Anymore [BI Retail Contributors]

Smart[Phone] Engagement: Embracing the Mobile Shopper In-Store (Infographic) [Milo]

Gap Launches Two E-Commerce Sites in Japan [Internet Retailer]

Under Armour Found an Amazingly Simple Way to Drive Sales [BI Retail]

Ace Hardware Builds a Handy Mobile Commerce Site [Internet Retailer]

2012 Web Sales for were Solid, but not Spectacular [Internet Retailer]

Retailers are Scrambling to Work With Costco & Sam’s Club [BI Retail]


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