Here’s this week’s roundup of links of interest in Retail & Travel, from the thought leaders on our retail & travel consulting team:

Here’s How Black Friday 2012 Will Compare To Last Year [Business Insider]

Shoppers to Retailers: Focus on Cyber Monday (Infographic) [Mashable]

16% of web shoppers will also shop via their mobile devices [Internet Retailer]

Online Growth Slows As Users Shift To Mobile [Business Insider]

How Walmart Gets 7,000 Generators To Its Stores In The Middle Of A Hurricane [BI Retail]

One Popular Retailer Had Unusually Large Exposure In Hurricane Sandy’s Path [Business Insider]

Many web shoppers solve the try-it-on problem by ordering multiple sizes [Internet Retailer]

Google Is Testing Same-Day Delivery In San Francisco [Business Insider]

Family trumps friends for online product recommendations [Internet Retailer]

Toys ‘R’ Us adds cash as an online payment option [Internet Retailer]

Amazon Opens Black Friday Store 3 Weeks Early (Yesterday) [Mashable]

Fun: 60th Anniversary of the Bar Code (Infographic) [Cool Infographics]

Travel: JetBlue & You [Hub Magazine]


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