In recent months we have been releas­ing monthly Dis­play pub­lisher per­for­mance trends, and we noted that some inter­est­ing ones have emerged. Today we take a look at Q1 2011, and as we high­lighted in Decem­ber 2010, Video Pub­lish­ers’ Inven­tory has clearly been the most sought-after place­ments for U.S. advertisers.

The story of Feb­ru­ary 2011 was that social media pub­lish­ers had pro­por­tion­ally one-third of all Dis­play impres­sions. How­ever, look­ing across Q1, that was cer­tainly a spike, because look­ing at Q1 as a whole, the over­all impres­sion share was about half that.

Fig­ure 1 shows the dif­fer­ent pub­lisher types com­pared against each other, and Fig­ure 2 shows actual numer­i­cal per­for­mance per pub­lisher type and how they per­formed in Q1.

Fig­ure 1: U.S. Dis­play Pub­lisher CPMs (cost per thou­sand impres­sions) – Q1 2011
Fig­ure 2: U.S. Dis­play Pub­lisher Type Trends
In addi­tion to Video inven­tory being almost twice as expen­sive as the next high­est pub­lisher types — News & Sport and Shop­ping sites — it also had the high­est rate of user inter­ac­tion (i.e. Click Through Rate – CTR) of any group. Gam­ing sites also recorded strong CTRs but pro­por­tion­ally were only 1% of impres­sions and 4% of the sites in Q1. In con­trast, Video Pub­lish­ers, while hav­ing fewer sites than Gam­ing Pub­lish­ers, had nine times the amount of inven­tory vol­ume, pos­si­bly indi­cat­ing that users are engag­ing more with those sites across mul­ti­ple pages.

Adver­tis­ers should use this data to get a gauge on the dif­fer­ing vol­ume lev­els that are avail­able in the mar­ket via the Dis­play Exchanges and the com­par­a­tive lev­els of CTR and CPM. This data could be a lead­ing indi­ca­tor as to how much time users tend to spend on those types of Pub­lisher sites, which could dic­tate the types of cre­ative mes­sag­ing that would be most effective.

Ulti­mately, these trends and insights are only as use­ful as the sophis­ti­ca­tion of your mar­ket­ing fun­nel and the plat­form that is able to opti­mize your Dis­play cam­paigns. Finally, when man­ag­ing a Dis­play cam­paign, ensure that you are not look­ing at per­for­mance in iso­la­tion, as it impor­tant to fully com­pre­hend the inter­ac­tion between all your dig­i­tal chan­nels to achieve opti­mum results.

Chris Jacob