Today, we released our Q2 2012 Global Digital Advertising Update with some industry insights on hot trends and where we see the market headed. Based on our report findings, search spend among advertisers remains strong with a growing emphasis on mobile devices as tablet conversion rates continue to exceed desktop conversion rates. The report also shows that consumer engagement on Facebook has increased dramatically as Facebook continues to evolve its platform and as marketers find ways to utilize improvements to Facebook’s platform.

Some key report findings for Q2 2012:

  • Search advertising among digital marketers continued to grow in both the U.S. and Europe. Search spend in the U.S. grew by 13 percent Year over Year (YoY) while ROI steadily improved. Additionally, growth rates for search spend were strong in the UK and Germany, representing an 18 percent and 12 percent increase, respectively, YoY.
  • Mobile traffic, primarily from tablets, continued to demonstrate a significant opportunity for advertisers. While tablet Cost Per Click (CPC) remained lower than desktop CPCs, conversion rates were 20 percent higher and the ROI on tablets was significantly higher than desktops as well.
  • Brands continued to invest heavily in Facebook to drive fan growth, which grew by 21 percent Quarter over Quarter (QoQ) and 84 percent YoY worldwide. Facebook engagement among brands also grew by 60 percent QoQ and 338 percent YoY.

We’ve also outlined some key trends we see emerging for the rest of the year. Is search advertising spend in the U.S. expected to increase? How might tablet and smartphone traffic impact digital advertising? Will Facebook’s brand pages help boost consumer engagement? Check out our full report for all the details and let us know what you think!

- Dr. Sid Shah is director of business analytics for Media & Advertising Solutions within Adobe’s Digital Marketing Business