Read­ers of dig­i­tal mag­a­zines con­tinue to increase. Recent data based on a review of 250 mil­lion read­ing ses­sions to 100 dig­i­tal mag­a­zine apps shows that pub­lish­ers of dig­i­tal print con­tent are enjoy­ing steady growth in read­er­ship due in part to release of new devices and fur­ther adop­tion of dig­i­tal mag­a­zines. From August 2012 to May 2013 there was a over 200% increase in read­ers of dig­i­tal magazines.

DPS Growth

Should ALL print mag­a­zines add dig­i­tal apps?

The abil­ity to pro­vide dynamic, more engag­ing con­tent within a dig­i­tal mag­a­zine app pro­vides a great com­ple­ment to the mag­a­zine on your doorstep each week/month.   It also pro­vides an out­let for brand exten­sions and addi­tional rev­enue streams. I for one haven’t com­pletely switched to dig­i­tal, but I do enjoy view­ing dynamic con­tent on my tablet while hav­ing the print mag­a­zine by my side. Pub­lish­ers should look to add a dig­i­tal option to cap­ture the ben­e­fits that it can provide.

Do you sub­scribe to any dig­i­tal mag­a­zines? Are there some mag­a­zines you pre­fer to receive in print form?

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