Still relying on gut instinct to drive your online marketing decisions? If so, you may want to consider taking a page from’s playbook – the online leader in offering affordable dining experiences. The company has embraced a more data-driven marketing approach in order to remain competitive, and the results are impressive.

“To continue to grow in an increasingly crowded market, we knew we needed to be more metrics-focused and fact-based in our digital marketing efforts,” explains Jared Vestal, VP of Analytics & Insights at

The company leverages the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to measure and analyze visitor activity across the site and to aggressively test and optimize website content to continuously improve conversion. In fact, a recent test within its shopping cart flow increased revenue by as much as 25 percent. Vestal’s team now engages in ongoing discussions with internal business owners about current site metrics and how to improve them, which helps its marketers decide which website content to test and when. Read more about the success story here:

How are you testing and measuring to improve conversion on your site?