In September we zeroed in on social media marketing-related content to tie into the general availability of Adobe Social, our social marketing platform, complete with social listening, management and publishing capabilities. Social is undoubtedly hot and there is still that marketers can learn about this emerging channel and how to create campaigns that resonate and drive measurable ROI.

Adobe experts from our consulting, product marketing and product management groups shared weekly “Quick Tips” about how to wrap our heads around social media marketing. We also curated related articles and blog posts from across the web and shared them via our @adobedigmktg Twitter account and Facebook page. We’ve compiled all of September’s great content here in one blog post for easy reference. Let us know what other types of monthly content you would like to see in the future.


Week One: Brand visibility during the holidays can be difficult to sustain with consumers who are blitzed by multiple ad campaigns and who are looking for convenience and deals amidst the mayhem. Leveraging social media marketing early and often can help you rise above the noise and secure a spot in customers’ consideration sets. Fun, engaging holiday content and gift-giving tips will give your brand visibility and mindshare, while promotional content like catalog apps and social media-only deals pushes you ahead during the decision-making process.

Not only will fans and followers help spread your brand messages and holiday deals to their social network of friends and families, you may see more dollars at the register given that 71% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if someone recommended it to them on social media. And remember to append tracking codes to all of your links, apps and conversion pages so you can demonstrate to your boss exactly what impact your social marketing efforts had on your bottom line come January 1st.

Lawrence Mak is a senior marketing specialist responsible for Adobe Social.

Week Two: The world is full of Social Marketing Gurus, Ninjas, and Rockstars – Don’t let them tell you what to do! Every social marketing strategy should be as unique as the brand behind it. Instead, look to become a “Social Mechanic” that fine-tunes every detail of your social marketing programs in order to optimize performance and find incrementalvalue. Don’t pray for a viral miracle, let data and insights drive your content and engagement decisions.

Steve Wirig is the product evangelist for Adobe’s social marketing solutions and works with top brands to refine and optimize their digital strategies.

Week Three: Social media is an important part of the customer experience. And, in many ways, it’s transformational. But, it’s just that—just one part of a much larger customer experience. It’s important you approach your social media efforts with this in-mind.

If you look at some of the most successful social media campaigns, most don’t start or end on social networks. While they may be grounded in social media, they use advertising to drive visibility and awareness of the campaign, and closely align with website and/or in-store experiences meant to create action from customers.

And this makes sense, because at the end of the day, that’s just what you want—your customers to make a purchase or take action that’s meaningful to your business. Action that for most businesses doesn’t take place within the walls of Facebook or Twitter.

As you build strategy around your social media campaigns, consider how you are supporting your efforts in social with the proper components outside the walls of the social networks, and consider the end goal you hope to achieve with your campaign. This will ensure that your campaign both leverages the transformational power of social and the impact you want to create.

Chad Warren (@chadwarren) is a senior manager of social media for the Digital Marketing Business at Adobe, where he is responsible for driving social media strategy for Adobe’s Digital Marketing business unit. He works closely with teams across the Digital Marketing Suite to set strategic direction and execution for the business’s social media initiatives. Warren also supports the development of Adobe’s social media management and analytics tools.

Week Four: Creating and optimizing a social marketing program is a complex endeavor for companies with a distributed model of multiple brands, regions, and internal stakeholders. The key to optimizing the art and science of social media is understanding what works at the global level for the organization and customizing those best practices for the unique audience of that page, handle, or profile. Infrastructure and accountability – with flexibility and corporate level support – are essential to make the process easier for those with fewer resources. It’s also important to stay internally connected by sharing insights across teams to ensure all have the opportunity for success in their market. One never knows where the best ideas may come from as the farthest and smallest group within a given company may discover “the” secret to social success for the entire company.

Emily Wenzler leads the Social Media Strategy Consulting team at Adobe. Her team, along with the Community Engagement, and Social Creative Services consulting teams partner with top brands across all industries to design, implement, and optimize their Social Media marketing strategies.


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