By: Lawrence Mak, Product Marketing Manager

Today, Context Optional and Facebook got serious about social ROI and took some major leaps forward in measuring the value of social media marketing with the announcement of Facebook’s Page Insights API and our integration of the API into our Social Marketing Suite. We are among the first social marketing solutions companies to integrate this Facebook API into our existing robust Page management product, and we’re very excited to offer the enhancements to our customers this week.

These announcements are a signal fire to marketers: a shift in approach to one’s Facebook presence by tying their Page presence to engagement and reach is paramount. The good news? Context Optional’s deep collaboration with Facebook and our industry-leading Analytics module provides the industry’s deepest view into audience engagement and total potential reach and gives our customers actionable data on improving performance on Facebook.

Prior to the update, Facebook’s insights were primarily focused on Likes and fan growth — activating users to Like a Page so they can connect and converse. Now, Facebook’s new Page and Post metrics emphasize story creation and engagement. It’s no longer just about growth but who marketers reach and how. Marketers have deeper insight into what engagement looks like and how that affects total reach, through organic, viral and paid channels on Facebook. The new data brings Facebook metrics more in line with  “traditional” digital marketing measurements. It’s a sign that Facebook sees itself as a regular part of the marketing mix, not a standalone social strategy.

Our New Analytics Module

We’ve introduced two new tabs in our existing Page Stats function — Total Reach and People Talking About This. Total Reach will calculate reach factor and break out organic, viral and paid impressions. It also includes a Friends of Fans calculation to gauge total potential reach. People Talking About This will calculate the number of users who have created a story by liking, sharing, commenting, linking and posting and the number of stories created by them.

Across Page Stats, we overlay post and ads data so marketers can easily see what type of content and what ads affect reach, growth and engagement. Marketers can then take action by publishing similar content or targeting similar ads to increase growth and engagement performance.

Our existing Post Analytics will be enhanced with the People Talking About This metric and will also break out the reach factor by organic, viral or paid media.

We’ve also brought in Detailed Like Data to help marketers understand sources of Likes and Un-likes and fan demographics, as well as expanded benchmarking stats to help marketers gauge internal performance against the industry and competitors.

All existing Context Optional customer accounts will have the refreshed Analytics Module immediately after Facebook’s official release Tuesday. If you’re interested in learning more about our new Facebook Page Insights API solutions, contact

Things just got much more exciting for us here at Context Optional and for marketers on Facebook. It’s time to get serious about social ROI and now you can. Stick with us here on the Context Optional blog as we continue to share what these changes mean to brands and publishers.