We are excited to announce the imme­di­ate avail­abil­ity of our new regional data col­lec­tion (RDC) cen­ter in Brazil, ser­vic­ing Ana­lyt­ics and Test&Target cus­tomers. This new data cen­ter will improve page per­for­mance for South Amer­i­can vis­i­tors to your site. Before now, vis­i­tors across the America’s sent data to Cal­i­for­nia, Texas or Vir­ginia. With these new servers in place, browsers in South Amer­ica will see reduced net­work latency, thus result­ing in faster page load times. As you can see we con­tinue to expand our data col­lec­tion net­work, improv­ing data response times around the globe, with plans for new sites in Europe and Asia. This map shows both RDC and Edge (for Test&Target) nodes, both oper­at­ing and planned.

 These servers will both col­lect ana­lyt­ics data (for Site­Cat­a­lyst, Dis­cover and DataWare­house) and serve con­tent for Test&Target.

Test&Target and Rec­om­men­da­tions users will auto­mat­i­cally start using this sys­tem if the Request Domain shown in the Dig­i­tal Pulse Debug­ger con­tains tt​.omtrdc​.net as shown here.

Like­wise, with Site­Cat­a­lyst, you will auto­mat­i­cally ben­e­fit if the Third Party Cook­ies field con­tains sc​.omtrdc​.net, as shown here.

If you are using a CNAME Site­Cat­a­lyst imple­men­ta­tion (first party cook­ies), you will need to update your SSL cer­tifi­cate before the new data cen­ters will be used for your vis­i­tors (new data cen­ters include Sin­ga­pore, Brazil, and the future RDC sites shown in the image above). The SSL cer­tifi­cate needs to be licensed for instal­la­tion on at least 10 servers. More details on Regional Data Col­lec­tion can be found in this blog post, and in the FAQ below.


Q. Will RDC improve report speed or just data col­lec­tion speed?

A. Report speed is not affected by regional data col­lec­tion, it sim­ply improves response times for your visitors.


Q. What is regional data collection?

A. Regional Data Col­lec­tion con­nects your site’s vis­i­tors with the clos­est data col­lec­tion cen­ter, regard­less of the data pro­cess­ing cen­ter loca­tion. If that data pro­cess­ing cen­ter is in Europe, vis­i­tors in Chile will be send­ing image requests to our Brazil data col­lec­tion cen­ter, while vis­i­tors in Florida will send data to our East­ern US data cen­ter. For cus­tomers with a CNAME/First Party Cookie imple­men­ta­tion, as soon as you renew your SSL Cer­tifi­cate with the appro­pri­ate licenses, the new data cen­ter will be used for vis­i­tors in that region. For more details on Regional Data Col­lec­tion, see this post.


Q. Can I license my cer­tifi­cate for fewer servers and have it installed in just the America’s, or just Europe, since most of my traf­fic is in one place?

A. No, selec­tive deploy­ments of SSL cer­tifi­cates are not cur­rently supported.