We are excited to announce the immediate availability of our new regional data collection (RDC) center in Brazil, servicing Analytics and Test&Target customers. This new data center will improve page performance for South American visitors to your site. Before now, visitors across the America’s sent data to California, Texas or Virginia. With these new servers in place, browsers in South America will see reduced network latency, thus resulting in faster page load times. As you can see we continue to expand our data collection network, improving data response times around the globe, with plans for new sites in Europe and Asia. This map shows both RDC and Edge (for Test&Target) nodes, both operating and planned.

 These servers will both collect analytics data (for SiteCatalyst, Discover and DataWarehouse) and serve content for Test&Target.

Test&Target and Recommendations users will automatically start using this system if the Request Domain shown in the Digital Pulse Debugger contains tt.omtrdc.net as shown here.

Likewise, with SiteCatalyst, you will automatically benefit if the Third Party Cookies field contains sc.omtrdc.net, as shown here.

If you are using a CNAME SiteCatalyst implementation (first party cookies), you will need to update your SSL certificate before the new data centers will be used for your visitors (new data centers include Singapore, Brazil, and the future RDC sites shown in the image above). The SSL certificate needs to be licensed for installation on at least 10 servers. More details on Regional Data Collection can be found in this blog post, and in the FAQ below.


Q. Will RDC improve report speed or just data collection speed?

A. Report speed is not affected by regional data collection, it simply improves response times for your visitors.


Q. What is regional data collection?

A. Regional Data Col­lec­tion con­nects your site’s vis­i­tors with the clos­est data col­lec­tion cen­ter, regard­less of the data pro­cess­ing cen­ter loca­tion. If that data pro­cess­ing cen­ter is in Europe, vis­i­tors in Chile will be sending image requests to our Brazil data col­lec­tion cen­ter, while vis­i­tors in Florida will send data to our East­ern US data center. For customers with a CNAME/First Party Cookie implementation, as soon as you renew your SSL Certificate with the appropriate licenses, the new data center will be used for visitors in that region. For more details on Regional Data Collection, see this post.


Q. Can I license my certificate for fewer servers and have it installed in just the America’s, or just Europe, since most of my traffic is in one place?

A. No, selective deployments of SSL certificates are not currently supported.