The issue with many attri­bu­tion mod­els, as Danny Kouri­anos explains in his blog about mar­ket­ing mis­takes, is that they are often too unspec­i­fied. I argue in my blog about con­tri­bu­tion ver­sus attri­bu­tion that attri­bu­tion mod­els don’t give enough credit to each action, that attri­bu­tion mod­els don’t take all action into account.

Kouri­anos is right: “The attri­bu­tion matrix can get very com­pli­cated very quickly.” He argues for focus­ing pri­mar­ily on ROI, and sec­on­dar­ily on pay­ments. But even doing this sort of attri­bu­tion ignores a lot of what goes into a purchase.

Mar­keters should not rule out any part of the sales process as irrel­e­vant. Con­tri­bu­tion mod­els are capa­ble of being more thor­ough and spe­cific than attri­bu­tion mod­els. Using con­tri­bu­tion mod­els, mar­keters can account for every point on the sales pipeline and will be able to bet­ter adjust for future consumers.