“Statistics are like a bikini – what is revealed is interesting but what is hidden is crucial.” – Aaron Levenstein, Associate Prof. emeritus of Business, Baruch College

In my latest Search Engine Land column, I discuss how to make your statistics skimpy yet meaningful. This is because statistics tell us about general trends and properties about our data but often they hide information that would give key insights. The goal of every analyst then is to make statistics skimpy – but at the same time, make them as revealing as possible while not overwhelming the decision-maker with unnecessary numbers.

In this post, I focus on working the average and median statistics. While widely used to describe trends and data, they have a few limitations, which can give you a wrong impression of what is going on. Here's a link where I show you how: http://searchengineland.com/how-to-make-your-statistics-skimpy-yet-meaningful-68740

Dr. Siddharth Shah
Sr. Director, Business Analytics