Efficient Frontier today released a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting which was designed to illuminate the challenges marketers currently face in managing their search and display advertising campaigns together.

The objective of the study was to understand how marketers are integrating their online campaigns as well as examine the barriers preventing them from optimizing spend across channels.

This study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, provides some useful insights regarding the need for better online attribution and optimization in the marketplace.


Search and display are the most widely used online marketing channels. More than half of the respondents have more than three years experience with both search and display. More than one-quarter of respondents spend 50% or more of their total marketing budget on these two channels.

Marketers are using rudimentary techniques for channel integration. Surprisingly, most respondents use spreadsheets to track and integrate their campaigns, demonstrating that even the most sophisticated advertisers are not taking advantage of advanced optimization techniques to improve their campaigns.

Majority of respondents claimed their present tools for measurement and managing cross-channel processes fell short of expectations. Only five percent of those surveyed were very satisfied with their existing tools for managing display and search advertising campaigns together.

Marketers cite that the biggest barrier to integration is the difficulty in proper measurement. Marketers do not know how to systematically measure and optimize and see a need for a management platform to help them streamline the campaign measurement process.

You can download the full report here

Merinda Peppard – Global Marketing Manager