In my previous blog, I promised to give color on Adobe’s vision for tag management and explain more about the rationale behind our acquisition of strategic assets in a company formerly known as Satellite. Today we announced dynamic tag management, which is now a capability of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Dynamic tag management has the ability to truly revolutionize the way marketers tag their web properties and deliver personalized experiences. Marketing Cloud customers will be excited to learn that dynamic tag management will be provided at no additional cost. We also announced our intentions to offer this capability to non-Adobe customers in the future, also at no charge.

There are several reasons why I am excited about this announcement:

Adobe wants to increase the rate of digital marketing adoption

One thing we are seeing more and more regularly with customers is that technology seems to be outpacing the market’s ability to effectively implement and adopt that technology. We recognize that properly tagging web properties has been one of the primary causes for slow adoption and under-utilization of digital marketing platforms and services. Frankly, it’s been a real headache for marketers and IT pros alike. Our goal is simple, help marketers dramatically reduce the pain staking process of tagging all of their web properties and give them more control and flexibility over when, and why tags fire. It also has the added benefit of reducing the need to lean so heavily on IT resources, which not only saves time but also makes life easier for everyone. Our new capability allows deployments of our market-leading solutions like Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target to be a much quicker and simpler process. This is also true for any other digital marketing platform for that matter. Watching some key customers implement our solutions with significantly shortened implementation cycles was one of the top motivators for bringing dynamic tag management into the Marketing Cloud.

Adobe is solving an industry problem with an industry solution

Adobe understands that the challenges of implementing digital marketing solutions extend beyond just Adobe. Our customers and the marketplace as a whole don’t want a silo’ed approach to tag and data distribution management but want and need an industry-wide solution. Dynamic tag management can solve tag management for the industry – not just for Adobe’s solutions. This is possible as dynamic tag management supports all digital marketing services. Because dynamic tag management can improve the implementation and effective use of any digital marketing solution, Adobe expects digital marketing adoption as a whole will increase.

It’s much more than just tag management

At Adobe, we like to talk about helping customers manage the “Last Millisecond” – that small moment in time when a brand has to make a decision about what kind of experience to deliver to a consumer.  I think of dynamic tag management as putting some of the brains of your marketing program directly on the page to manage consumer interactions in real-time.  As dynamic tag management manages the data from these millisecond interactions, it helps marketers take action by routing data, triggering events, and many other things including, of course, firing tags when the right criteria are met.  This is not simply a container of tags, it’s marketing intelligence that lives on your pages and helps you deliver a better consumer experience.  Ultimately, dynamic tag management allows marketers to focus on marketing and consumer experiences rather than on tags.

For more information, please see our press release here.