Digital channels appeal to consumers because they allow users more control over what they see. That way, consumers are more actively involved in deciding what content they consume. In the same way, marketing on a digital front is exciting; it allows marketers more opportunities to target the right customers at the right time. There are many testing and targeting tools available (including Adobe Target), and in this blog I’ll be talking about the types of testing and targeting utilities you should look for when deciding on your marketing software. I’ll explain why these utilities are important for analytics and, ultimately, for driving sales.

A Two-Tiered Tool

Users should look for software that offers two-tiered solutions. The first of the two tiers is A/B testing; the second is personalization targeting. Using these tools together can help you develop your marketing predictions in a dynamic way. You’ll be able to deliver a relevant and timely experience. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog—according to data master Nate Silver—the right way to make predictions is to constantly adjust them.

With these two tiers, marketers can constantly test and target consumers. This ensures marketers are optimizing their digital strategies continuously. It’s important to have a two-tiered solution because it lets marketers deliver the optimal page at the optimal time to the optimal consumer. Marketers should find a system that enables them to deliver the right content to the user’s landing page at the right time. 

A/B Testing

A/B testing lets marketers run two concurrent page options to determine which option fares better with consumers. It shows marketers side-by-side results with two options. Look for A/B testing that is simple to use on a continuous basis; that way you won’t have to spend your time creating tests but can use your time optimizing the tests’ results.

With A/B testing you’ll be able to choose option A or option B at any point. Make sure you let the tests run for a sufficient amount of time so you can make effective choices. Allowing your tests the time to run will balance out your results and give you results based on a wider testing pool, results which are thus more statistically accurate. You can continue running both the A and B options until you see a clear frontrunner, or you can vary the time you put into each option.

Personalization Targeting

Testing and targeting becomes really powerful in personalization. There are many personalization tools that allow you to customize your marketing efforts to suit your specific customers. Personalization tools separate your brand and its marketing efforts from other brands and their efforts.

Marketing tools like Adobe Target let you personalize landing pages according to certain segmented characteristics. Segmentation tools let you create an experience that is optimal on an individual level. If you search, you can find even more personal targeting tools. Some of the latest and most adaptable are tools that employ customized analytical algorithms.

As a digital marketer, you want users to land on pages that will incite them to take further action. Look for testing and targeting tools that have the right utilities to deliver those pages. For any digital marketer it’s about delivering the relevant experience; but great digital marketers take initiative to track that relevant experience so they can constantly improve upon it.