TE Connectivity’s motto is “Every Connection Counts,” but that wasn’t always true of its online presence. A world leader for connecting power, data, and signals, TE Connectivity has a massive online presence that previously required managing more than 190 websites supported by 50 different web content management solutions. Wanting to improve customer experiences and greatly streamline web content management, TE Connectivity turned to Adobe Digital Marketing Suite for Web Experience Management.

“We knew we wanted to transform our customer experience online,” explains Michael Deckman, senior manager of e-marketing solutions. “We wanted to better utilize web content management and digital marketing tools to deliver richer, more relevant online content to increase the likelihood that customers would buy from us—and enable us to continually refine our marketing efforts.”

With a massive product catalog that includes more than 500,000 products, TE Connectivity operates fourteen business units targeting different verticals. “Our websites need to present a unified face of TE, but our business units require the flexibility to manage their own content to suit the needs of their areas,” says Deckman.

With Adobe Digital Marketing Suite for Web Experience Management, TE’s digital marketers worldwide can create website content, analyze web interactions, and tailor online experiences to meet the needs of different types of visitors. TE defined eight distinct customer segments, ranging from design engineers to channel partners. Adobe Digital Marketing Suite enables managers to easily create personalized online experiences for different types of customers visiting TE’s digital properties.

“Adobe software has reduced the complexity of managing campaigns so significantly that we’ve been bringing more projects in house,” says Deckman. “We’ve seen some terrific results across many areas. For some of our major brand campaigns, we improved overall conversion by about 33%, while reducing the cost per conversion by as much as 48%.”

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